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Hacker sounds alarm for wireless security

Haines Brad 150x150

By Greg Gazin
Writer, Troy Media

EDMONTON, AB, Dec. 7, 2009/ Troy Media/ — Brad Haines is a hacker at heart.  He spends his nights finding new ways to subvert technology to do things it was never meant to do. But he spends his days advising clients how to keep those very things from happening to their computer systems.   READ COMPLETE ARTICLE HERE!

Toastcaster 29 – Built-In Mic? Know & Remember Where It Is!

Recording your presentations is always a good idea, but if you don’t know where your mic is, especially on a device like the iPhone, you could be in for a big surprise. Listen to a short lesson that Toastcaster Greg, aka The Gadget Guy took home from this experience. You can also access Greg’s Gadget column at and also Canoe Tech Blogs at


3 Fine Mice, See How They Run!

20100204 G4mice 01With all the input devices we have for our computer, people still seem to love the mouse and as a result every year we seem to get a new breed hitting the market. We offer up a fine selection of just 3 of the latest “mice” that can be enjoyed from the pleasure of your desktops.Read the full article at G4TV Canada

Things Happen That Way

It was by downloading “Guess Things Happen that Way”, that Louis Sulcer earned himself a $10,000 iTunes Gift Card, courtesy of who else, Apple Inc. Sulcer, a native of Woodstock Georgia was the winner of the the iTunes Countdown to 10 Billion Songs.  Read Full Post at CanoeTECH Blog.

No Cash on Board at Air Canada

Starting May 1, 2010
, you’ll be hard pressed to pay cash for your pillow, headset or beer on Air Canada flights as Visa, MasterCard and American Express are being phased in as the only form of payment accepted for OnBoard Café purchases.

Read Full  Post at CanoeTech Blog.