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Opena Case is part case, part bottle opener

Opena Case

Canada may be tops when it comes to beer, but when it comes to high-tech gadgets that open the bottle; we can’t discount the good folks from the land down under. As a follow-up to their flagship model,Opena Case for iPhone 5 by Annex Products is a 2-in-1 iPhone case and bottle opener.

Now maybe it’s not something most of us would use very day, or maybe you would. When your beer doesn’t come with a screw top or in a can, it’s nice to know that you won’t be begging to borrow a bottle opener or taking a chip out of the counter or table.

In a nutshell, Opena is a strong sturdy iPhone shell-type case, made of tough polycarbonate that has a built-in slide out stainless steel bottle opener.