With Square, you too can accept wireless debit and credit card payments

Square Wireless Contactless (Tap) & Chip card reader

Square Reader. We’ve all seen it, or heard about it. You may have even made a purchase or saw someone swiping their credit card through a little white square dongle attached to a smartphone.

Step into a small cafe or market or stroll down any art walk promenade and you’ll probably see the iconic logo, “Square Accepted Here.” 

But have you ever thought, “I can use that?”

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Square mobile payment system gets invoicing

Square invoices

Strolling through Old Strathcona last Saturday during Edmonton’s Whyte Avenue Art Walk 2014 I noticed something different this year.  More vendors were accepting payment by credit card – VISA, MasterCard, American Express – many through the magic of this micro-payment system called Square. It’s changed the way small businesses do their transactions. And now here in Canada, they’ve taken it one step farther with the introduction of invoices allowing complete secure payment transactions when not dealing face-to-face.

Invoicing is certainly a logical extension to the Square payment system with many potential benefits. In fact, people like Kat Doell, an emerging artist and illustrator finds Square payments handy, particularly for high ticket items welcome its extended functionality.

“I haven’t used the invoices yet, but all the new options look perfect for small business,” says Doell.


QuickBooks 2010 easy to accept credit cards

With Quickbooks 2010 via Intuit Merchant Services, you now have the ability to accept credit card and debit card payments directly,  enabling you to have cash in your account that much faster –  in typically 1-2 days.  READ FULL POST AT CANOE TECH BLOG

No Cash on Board at Air Canada

Starting May 1, 2010
, you’ll be hard pressed to pay cash for your pillow, headset or beer on Air Canada flights as Visa, MasterCard and American Express are being phased in as the only form of payment accepted for OnBoard Café purchases.

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