19th century camera technology still relevant today

The Petzval lens, old and new


EDMONTON, AB, / Troy Media/ – If 19th century University of Vienna Mathematics Professor and inventor Joseph Petzval were alive today, I wonder how surprised he’d be to see how far camera technology has advanced. But I’d really like to witness the look on his face if he knew that a lens he created in 1840 was getting a new lease on life almost two centuries later. Read More at Troy Media.

The world’s first Wi-Fi-enabled digital window shade

SONTE Film controls the amount of light that passes through your window


EDMONTON, AB, Jun 26, 2013/ Troy Media/ – My house faces south, so mid-afternoon, especially in the summer, I like to shut my blinds to keep the living room cool. I also like my privacy.

But what happens if you left blinds open while you were out, only to find out that you might get home later than usual? You can control your lights and appliances in the house remotely from your smartphone, so why not the light shining through your windows?

Well, with SONTE Film, you can. And it has nothing to do with having motorized window coverings. Sonte is the world’s first Wi-Fi-enabled digital shade that controls the amount of light that passes through your window.

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