Free Wi-FI hitting Tim Hortons real soon!



If you are a mobile warrior like I am with a penchant for consuming copious amounts of caffeine daily, you’ll be happy to know that one more major coffee stop is adding a free Wi-Fi hotspot to its menu. Tim Horton’s will be joining the ranks of Starbucks, Second Cup and more recently McDonalds by offering a free high-speed Internet connection to its patrons across Canada.


Canoe Tech: Facebook phishing scam jolts caffeine lovers

starbuckscard250There’s another phishing scam spreading viciously across Facebook world and this time it’s hitting caffeine lovers both north and south of the 49th parallel. What appears to be an offer for free gift cards and vouchers from Tim Hortons and Starbucks is no more than a ploy to lead you down the garden path to get you to ultimately reveal personal information.

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Why Won’t You Just TimmieMe or BucksMe?

With all the things the Apple iPhone can do, it’s amazing that
the top download for the last 2 consecutive months is coffee related
and it has anything to do with the taste and the smell of freshly
ground beans or a gimmick of some new scratch and sniff technology.

If you are thinking “What is Tim Hortons?” be proud and you would win the daily double-double

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