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Left FieldLeft Field Design: CardClip, KeyCase & KeyClip



The size of a credit card, the KeyClip series holds keys, cards, cash and more keeping your pockets in order.

  • KeyCase: a key organizer approximately the size of a credit card (0.2 inches thick) that slips easily into a wallet.
  • CardClip: a super-resilient money-clip, slightly longer than a credit card, designed to securely hold cards, ID and cash. Specifically engineered to resist fatigue and last a lifetime, the low-profile CardClip (only 0.34 inches tall) can hold up to five credit cards and reliably spring back to grip a single bill.
  • KeyClip: combines the KeyCase and CardClip to serve as a compact, integrated key organizer and slim wallet that unobtrusively carries the essentials.

These products are being made available through KickStarter Project.

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