Dyson’s $2.6 billion investment in research to supercharge global growth

James Dyson Digital Motors - 06-02-2014Dyson has today committed a $2.6 billion CAD investment to future technology, including a $1.7 billion CAD  for the research and development of new product technologies.  It is developing four new portfolios of technology and will launch 100 new products around the world in the next four years.

James Dyson, Founder and Chairman said: “Our growth is fuelled by technology and we are thinking long-term.  90 per cent of our technology is sold abroad, we’re quickly growing across Asia, and it’s phenomenal to think that we are now number one in the home of technology – Japan. It is like selling coal to Newcastle.  But we must relentlessly invent – that’s why we are investing in our research footprint here in the UK and investing in our manufacturing capabilities in South East Asia.”

The news comes as work begins on the first phase of a $443 million CAD campus expansion in Malmesbury, which will create up to 3,000 jobs.  It will boost Dyson’s external research programme with leading British Universities in which it plans to invest $88 million CAD over the next four years.

The first new research building, due to open in early 2016, will house laboratories for research and development into future technologies.  It will be constructed of an advanced, high performance, structural glass system that reflects, so that it blends into its surroundings and internal heat gains can be managed. It will be heated using a ground source heat pump and powered by solar cells on the roof, making it carbon neutral and one of the most environmentally friendly commercial buildings in the UK.

To respond to international growth and increasing technology portfolios, Dyson has also invested $355 million CAD  in new facilities in South East Asia to test, commercialize and manufacture its new technology.  Four additional production lines have been built at Dyson’s advanced motor manufacturing facility in Singapore which will increase motor manufacturing capacity to 11 million motors per year.

Asian Growth:

In 2013, Dyson became the market leader (by value) in Japanese floor care for the first time and has consolidated that position during 2014 taking the top spot on volume too.  Dyson is also market leader (by value) in Taiwan and Hong Kong and growth in China is strong, as Chinese consumers quickly adopt Dyson technology.

Long-term investment:

Dyson invests one-third of profits into research and development for its future technologies.  Dyson has 2,000 engineers of which half are in the UK.

Recruitment is already underway for a new cohort of engineers to broaden Dyson’s world leading electronic motor research projects; robotics and electronics research programmes and increase research into noise cancelling acoustic technologies. 300 new roles are currently live: Hardware/Software/Robotics Specialists wanted!

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