Last minute stocking stuffer ideas for those on the Go

SpareOne Emergency PhoneEDMONTON, AB, Dec 20, 2012/ Troy Media – Over the past year, I’ve discovered a number of gadgets ideal for people on the go. Here are a few handpicked gift ideas that would make for great last minute stocking stuffers and won’t break the bank.

Emergency Cell Phone

When your cellphone power runs dry and there’s no power source in sight or maybe you just don’t own a cell phone, wouldn’t it be nice to have a spare one to make an emergency call? You can, with a SpareOne by XPAL. It’s a stripped-down cell phone that operates without a SIM card installed. It can dial 911 and get the help you need. With a SIM installed, it operates as a dual-band cellphone.

It’s sans display, but does have an SMS call-me-back feature that tells your caller you can’t accept text and to call you back. What’s best is that it runs on a single AA battery, included, and can sit on your shelf or backpack for up to 15 years.

SpareOne by XPal

It’s ideal as second cell phone or for emergency purposes or for that special someone who’s refused to enter the world of mobile communications. There are two models: one offers 850/1900MHz GSM frequency bands that operates primarily in North America and Western South America; the other, 900/1800MHz covers for the most part, the rest of the world.

SpareOne by XPAL has a built-in torchlight and includes a waterproof pouch. It retails for $99.95 and is currently on promo directly from SpareOne orAmazon.

Pocket Mic for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch

Built-in iOS microphones usually do a decent job but sometimes, whether it’s for voice memos, lectures or less than ideal recording conditions, we need a higher fidelity recording or more control depending on the environment.

iRig Mic Cast pocket mic

The iRig Mic Cast by IK Multimedia is perfect for just that.  It features dual gain to help control the sound input and its built-in headphone jack allows you to monitor what the mic is actually hearing so you don’t have to guess what the recording will sound like. This is key, especially when there’s no second chance to re-record. It has a built-in windscreen and unidirectional cardioid electret condenser designed to help reduce background noise. What’s great is that it’s pocket-sized, about the size of an iPod shuffle.

iRig Mic Cast retails for $39.95, including a tabletop stand and two downloadable apps – iRig Recorder (free version) to record and edit andVocaLive (designed for singers) for adding in multi-effects processing. It’s available directly through IK Multimedia or

A Tripod that isn’t

SATECHI SCH–22 Camera Holder and Suction Cup Mount doesn’t have three legs so, technically it’s not a tripod, but it does the same job and more without any of the fiddling and instability associated with most tripods.

It’s a slightly oversized pocket mount that weighs less than 2 oz. and features a rubber suction cup that gives you 25 lbs. of gripping power. It uses a standard camera thread mount but in lieu of screws it has a 3-way 360-degree adjustment using one dial-style and two button-type swivel hinges. This design allows you to position your camera or vidcam(or camcorder, palmcorder?), just right, even on the dashboard of your vehicle.

Satechi Camera Mount w/QuikPod Mobile

The SCH-22 is compatible with any standard tripod screw mount and ideal for any mobile photographer, professional or not. It retails for $27.99 US and is available at Satechi.netand,

If you have an iPhone or Smartphone without a tripod mount, for under $20, pick up the Quik Pod Mobilefrom as a cradle style adapter that neatly hugs your phone and is a perfect companion to complement the SCH-22.

Powerless Amplifier

The AirCurve Window Mount by Griffin Technology is a natural hands-free megaphone for your iPhone. No battery, AC power or special cabling is required. Simply insert your iPhone into its cradle and the acoustically friendly design creates a natural amplifier for the sound emanating from the speaker. Attach the AirCurve to your dash or windshield with the appropriate mount and you can enjoy a boost of up to 25db higher than the speakers themselves.

AirCurve Window Mount retails for $39.99 and is available directly fromGriffin’s online store.

Eton Emergency Radio

You never know when you might just find yourself in an emergency situation – like Hurricane Sandy. You may be without electricity or perhaps even be a little cut off from civilization. For those times, the Eton Emergency Preparedness Radios can come in handy.

ETON Solarlink FR370 Emergency Radio

The Eton Red Cross Solarlink FR370 is more than just an AM/FM radio. It also features a 7-channel NOAA Weatherband radio, an alarm clock and a weather alert button that can signal you if there is an alert in your area.There’s more. You can recharge via AC or USB. Plus, it also has a built-in dynamo that you can hand-crank to recharge the batteries. Cranking for 90 seconds will give you 5-7 minutes of playtime. It can also recharge some cellphones yielding 5 minutes of talk from 10 minutes of crank. If there’s sun available, you can recharge via solar power.

ETON Red Cross Solarlink FR 370 retails for $69.99. There’s also a smaller pocket sized version, theETON Red Cross Solarlink FR 170 that retails for $39.99. Both are available at The Source.  Etón Corporation will contribute a small portion of the sales price to support the Canadian Red Cross.

Greg Gazin, known as The Gadget Guy, is a Tech Columnist, Small Business and Technology Speaker and Senior Editor at Troy Media. He can be reached at Gadgetguy.CA  on Twitter @gadgetgreg or you can find him on Empire Avenue at (e)GADGET1.

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