Review: Satechi Bluetooth Wireless Keypad

Satechi Wireless Smart Keypad

I really enjoy using my Apple Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard but one thing it’s missing, similar to many notebooks, is a numeric keypad. I’m certainly not an accountant or do tons of data entry, but truthfully, having a keypad handy to quickly punch in numbers rather than pecking one number at a time can certainly be a godsend. Apple doesn’t make one, so accessory maker Satechi designed one to fill the void.

The Satechi Bluetooth Wireless Smart Keypad looks stylishly similar to the Apple Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard including the rounded battery compartment. In fact side-by-side from far, you’d think it was a matched pair. However, unlike the Apple aluminium frame, the Satechi is made of plastic and coated with a brush-aluminium finish. The keys are white, similar in size except for the larger “0”.  It’s slightly more elongated than the keyboard, likely due to its prominent LED display that takes up the upper portion of the device as it can double as a calculator, which you can access by simply pressing the mode button.  READ FULL ARTICLE at G4TV CANADA


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  1. Glad to know it can be used with a PC. Can it also be used with an iPad?

  2. Yes, Shannon, it pairs nicely with the iPad.

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