Poieo3D family friendly Canadian designed 3D printer

Poieo3DTORONTO, ON – Designed BY families FOR families, the Poieo3D Printer aims to make an exciting new technology as commonplace and worry-free as a microwave oven. While not quite “Tea, Earl Grey, Hot”, the Poeio3D Printer just might be the closest thing on Earth to home-based Star Trek tech.

It’s currently featured in a high-profile Kickstarter campaign, the Poieo3D Printer is the first such featured device to offer a one-year warranty, FREE lifetime online education, and a family-friendly, child-safe design.

The Poieo3D Printer is the logical next step in the evolution of 3D printing, seamlessly incorporating this advanced technology into our daily lives by ensuring it’s safe, simple to use, and affordable.

To that end, the Toronto, Ontario-based R&D team behind the Poieo3D Printer made safety a priority in all aspects of the design, beginning with the elegantly rounded, Polycarbonate-ABS injection molded case. There are no confusing and superfluous buttons or screens, no sharp edges or fiddly clamps, no hot plates or wayward lasers to burn tiny hands or damage inquisitive eyes. Instead, a large window illuminated by a cool-running white LED bulb showcases each and every 3D-printed creation as it comes into being, layer by paper-thin layer.

“Sure there are competitive products with flashy laser cutter attachments,” explains Tom Zelenka (M.B.A., P.Eng.), one of the Co-Founders behind the Poieo3D Printer, “but as a parent do you really want that in your home? I don’t know how many times my son has reached in for a part while it’s printing. If that was a laser cutter he would not have a hand!”

When you purchase a Poieo3D Printer you also gain access to FREE on-line education for life. “We have learned so much along the way through this journey and want other families and kids to benefit,” states Jeff Alford, Co-Founder of the company. “What we found frustrating, however, was that we could not find a good on-line educational resource that teaches how to use 3D printers, where to find and/or design images, and so on. Our goal is to create an on-line educational community of learning with training modules, instructional videos, projects for family, friends, kids, and school teachers.” You can’t put a price on that kind of knowledge!

It’s the vision and hope of both Alford and Zelenka that teachers will take advantage of this amazing technology to further their learning experience in order to reach the diverse endpoints required in the Board of Education curriculum. For example, a learning module of the grade 4 science curriculum could be developed that exploits the capacities of the Poieo3d printer, allowing students to actually make their own gears and pulleys. “If a picture is worth a thousand words, well then a working model is worth a million!” explains Zelenka. “There are many aspects of the curriculum where the Poieo3D Printer could be used to further the learning process from biology to geometry and so much more,” according to Alford, “and if we are successfully funded in Kickstarter these are the types of things we would do.”

The Poieo3D Printer lists for CAD$799.99 however with the Kickstarter campaign running until the end of 2014, purchasers can take advantage of  special, value-added discounts: the Early Bird at CAD$649 (US$571), the Kickstarter Special at CAD$699 (US$615), and the value-infused Kickstarter Bundle that features a trio of Poieo3D Printers plus three spools of printing filament for just CAD$1,999 or US$1,759! US dollar prices are based on the current exchange rate of 0.88 but there’s no guarantee this lucrative exchange rate for buyers in the United States will remain so enticing over the short to medium term.

For more information on the revolutionary, groundbreaking, family-friendly Poieo3D Printer, please visit the Poieo3D home page and their Kickstarter campaign page.

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