Gazin’s Screenplay for Mike and Lenny Episode 3

Blogcamp Contest Entry

Mike:  Lenny, It’s 5AM I’m not sure how much more I can take of this. I’m just going to shut my eyes for a few minutes.

Mike slowly closes his eyes still hearing Lenny yammering on and dozes off..

Who have you selected as your project manager? A voice is heard from a far.
Who have you selected as your project manager? The voice gets louder.

Mike: Ah – Ah, who is it?

Voice: What’s going on – Michael?

Mike: Who is this?

Voice: TRUMP! Lenny Trump! Do you want to be the next Apprentice?

Mike: Apprentice? I’ve got finals later today?

Trump: Finals? Yes, finals. Well there are two of you left. We need a business plan by 2 pm this afternoon.

Mike is in a drowsy state

Trump: You know what a project manager does, don’t you?

Mike: Of course, a Project Manager is like a jack-of-all-trades and oversees the successful planning implementation and execution of a project.

Trump: Ok. Now, name 3  of the many things a project manager can do?

Mike: Define the Scope, Develop a Budget, Create a Schedule and Manage Risks

Lenny Trump:  That was 4, I asked for 3.

Mike: Sorry Mr. Trump

Trump: No! Worries young master – like money, more is always better. And I like money – and beautiful women.

Mike: Thank You Mr. Trump.

Trump: So what’s my favourite band?

Mike: Ah!

Mike thinks quickly. It’s all coming back to him he’s a Gmac mac

Mike: Bachman-Turner Overdrive?

Trump: Very Impressive, How did you Guess?

Mike: Takin’ Care of Business – Sir?

Trump: Well Done! You must have had great teachers.

Mike: Sure Did!

Trump: One last question.  What are the 6Ps of Marketing?

Mike:  6? I thought there were 4?

Trump: Greg Gazin at says there are 6.

Mike:  OK. Price, Product, Place and Promotion and..ppppp  I don’t know – Am I Fired? Am I Mr. Trump?

Trump: Well son, you remind me of me when I was a lad – well except for the hair.  You need a bit of work. I’ll give you a hint.

“What you need with Lenny and what you continually have”

Mike:  Arguments and more arguments?

Trump:  Think – Mike! Think MacEwan!

Mike thinks, surprisingly he’s cool calm and collected, grabs his computer and looks up the quote. Mike then reads the quote.

Mike:  “The 4Ps that make up the Marketing Mix should be 6. They forgot Patience and Persistence”

Trump: Congratulations Mike – You’re Hired ! Lenny… You’re Fired!