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The perfect gift for the self-indulgent

EDMONTON, AB, Feb 13, 2014/ Troy Media/ – Last November Oxford Dictionary declared “Selfie” the 2013 international word of the year. Simply put, Oxford define it as a photograph – typically taken with a smartphone or webcam – of oneself and uploaded to a social media website.

And while “Selfie” may have achieved a certain status because of the venerable dictionary, many of us still consider such self-indulgence as either vain or simply downright annoying. This is particularly true in crowded areas when those trying to get the ultimate self-portrait create chaos as they push and shove others aside. But no matter, people are happily snapping selfies in record numbers, and continually flooding Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and other social media sites with them.

If you are one of them, you might as well at least do it right.

Unless you have a long arm or a gadget like the QuikPod – an extendible monopod – you’re still either at the mercy of the steadiness of your hand or your device’s 10-second timer to get a decent in-focus shot or the shot you really want. With HISY – pronounced “high-see” – however, that ends.

HISY makes taking Selfies a snap

HISY makes taking Selfies a snap

HISY is a little wireless Bluetooth gadget about the size of a couple of casino chips that acts as a remote shutter button for your iOS device.

To enable HISY, you simply pair it with your iPhone, as you would most other Bluetooth devices, and HISY’s centre button becomes your shutter control. You simply push it to take a shot or a whole bunch at one time, as it is compatible with Apple iPhone 5S’s continuous burst mode.

And since it’s wireless, it gives you more flexibility beyond the reach of most hand-monopods. In fact, HISY has an active range of 30 to 90 feet. Of course, actual results will depend on your environment and line of sight.

An added benefit of being able to move farther away from the camera is the ability to get a wider angle and get more people into the picture. So it’s really a selfie and then some.

Beyond photos, HISY allows you to control video from a distance too, by simply changing the mode switch on the device. Push once to start the video and push again to stop.

It runs off Bluetooth 4.0 LE (Low Energy) so your battery should last a long time. In fact, the company claims that if you take up to 100 shots a day you’ll get over two years on a single CR2032 coin cell.

To carry it around, simply attach HYSY to your keychain. Or if you prefer, it has a funky little headphone attachment that allows you to attach your HISY to your smartphone or other device so you won’t lose it.

Since it runs via Bluetooth, there’s no Internet connection or app required to use it and it pairs with one single device at a time.

HISY requires Apple iOS 7.0 or later and is compatible with the iPhone 4S and up; iPad third-generation and up, iPad mini, iPad Air and fifth-generation iPod touch.

HISY by HISYpix would make a great Valentine’s Day gift for your loved one, or   even for selfies like yourself, pardon the pun. It sells for U.S.$24.99 and is available online direct through the company website.

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