ShiftWear: Customized Sneakers with Built-in Screen

ShiftwearIf you get tired of your desktop image or screen saver, you can easily change it, so why can’t the same be true for your runners? Well, with Shiftwear, soon you can. In fact, the company says that if you can display it on your screen, you can display it on your runners allowing you to customize your runners to match your attire and for any occasion.

So how do they do it? Well the runner acts like a wireless external monitor, but instead of an image being transmitted to your TV, it’s basically sent to your ShiftWear runner that features a built-in flexible display.

Runners certainly wear out faster than screens.  So to help them last longer the soles are coated with a layer of Kevlar Fibre, the same stuff found in bullet-proof vests. They’ve even managed to make them waterproof, too. The runners will have a built-in eco-friendly battery and with its own Walk-N-Charge Technology, you’ll always have power.

There will be three models; the Shiftwear L1 Classic, Shiftwear M1 Classic and the hi-top Shiftwear H1 Classic.

The company launched an Indiegogo Campaign to raise $25,000 U.S. to finish their prototype and move the products into mass production.  They’ve already raised over $86,000 U.S. and are at almost 350% of their target with three weeks still to go.

If you’re interested in a pair, the campaign prices, pardon the pun, run $150, $250 and $350 respectively for the L1, M1 and H1. All prices are in USD and are 50% of what they will eventually retail for.

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