TERK Trinity XTEND Antenna lets you watch free HDTV and stream Wi-Fi faster


You might have heard of antennas that allow people to cut their cable cords and catch over-the-air HDTV channels for free. You also may have heard of Wi-Fi range extenders that allow for better Wi-Fi coverage in the home. Now, you can now get both in one gadget with the new Trinity XTEND Amplified Indoor HDTV Antenna with Wi-Fi Extender by Terk.

The nice thing about the antenna/extender combo is that it sits on top of your TV or thereabouts. It’s very easy to set-up, no tech or climbing up on your roof is necessary and it can all be done through the free TERK XTEND App available for both iOS and Android from their respective stores.

“Streaming and cord-cutting have never been hotter,” says Ian Geise, President, TERK. “Consumers have never had more options and control over their home entertainment than they do now. Still, consumers can have unpleasant surprises when they finally venture out into this brave new world. HD reception can be challenging in many environments, and plenty of Wi-Fi networks are not necessarily ready for the streaming spotlight. By combining a Wi-Fi extender into our TERK Trinity antenna, we’re giving “cord-cutters and “cord-nevers” best-in-class HDTV reception and the strongest possible Wi-Fi signal from their router to their streaming devices, in a single, small, stylish device they can mount to a wall or sit on any flat surface.”

The antenna will allow you to pick up both 4K and 1080i HDTV signals and broadcast channels (both UHF & VHF) from up to 100 km away. Of course the number of channels will depend where you live in proximity to the towers and of course any interference within the home and on the way to the tower.


As for the extender, it supports 802.11N and can be particularly useful if your home’s router is located a ways away from your TV.  And by placing it near your TV, it extends your Wi-Fi’s range so signal near the TV will be stronger. This can mean fewer drops and faster streaming. This can also be extremely helpful for those whose use Netflix or any other streaming service on their TV that rely on a solid connection for the best viewing experience.

Also, the extender is not just for the TV. Any Wi-Fi enabled devices like your smartphone or iPad can potentially take advantage of the extender too if they’re being used in the vicinity.

The TERK Trinity XTEND Amplified Indoor HDTV Antenna with Wi-Fi Extenderretails online for US $89.99 directly from Terk or for US$79.99 from Walmart.com. No indication on availability in Canada yet, although other TERK products are available from The Source and in Western Canada through London Drugs, so we may perhaps see them there in the near future.

Photo and infographic courtesy Voxx International Inc.


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