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If you tried to stock up on your Starbucks beans, ground coffee, syrup or other assorted merchandise  from the company’s on-line store, I’m sure you quickly noticed that you were out of luck. In fact, you were likely welcomed with the message, “ is closed as of October 2, 2017. We hope each of our products has brightened your day and warmed your cup.”

By taking their on-line store off-line, Starbucks seems to be bucking the trend of and doing a complete 180, forcing consumers to look elsewhere on-line, head to their nearest Starbucks retail outlet or any retailer that carries the brand, to complete their purchase.

The move doesn’t seem to have anything to do with on-line sales, but more about boosting their retail traffic. According to a poston, a spokesperson for Starbucks had said that the store was closing in order for the company to “invest in amplifying Starbucks as a must-visit destination.”

The company originally announced the closure back in August.

I admit, I wasn’t one of their regular on-line shoppers. More often than not, I stocked up when my favourite dark roast Verona, Holiday or special blend where ever or whenever or it went on sale. I did however occasionally crater to their “can’t pass up” offers I received by email. It might have been a promo or a really cool blend I hadn’t seen anywhere else. I also found the store to be a great place to get branded merch and a great way to send someone an actual “gift of coffee,” rather than simply a gift card.

Besides losing the convenience, I guess the sad part is that not all of the products will be found locally. In fact, in their Closure FAQthey state in no uncertain terms they, “Cannot guarantee availability of any product in any store.

“Tis the sign of the times,” the writer says as he sips cooled off leftover brew from his thermal cup.

Image courtesy Starbucks Corporation.


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