Waterproof USB cables necessary for harsh environments


While more and more products are going wireless, it’s not always possible to do away with USB cables. And if you do need to use them, the challenge of course arises when you have to use them in less than ideal conditions – particularly wet ones. Since not all cables can withstand moisture, having waterproof rated cables is imperative to ensure you maintain a solid connection especially in mission critical situations.

MilesTek a Texas-based cable supplier and manufacturer has just released a series of IP67 rated USB cables that fit the build.  An IP67 rating means the product is dustproof but can also withstand being fully submerged in 1m of water for up to half an hour. (The new iPhone 8 and iPhone X are IP67 rated)

The cables feature a combination of USB Type-A and USB Type-B connectors with choices of panel mount and feed-through connectors which can either be shielded or unshielded.

Having waterproof cables is more than just for making sure when you’re having a party the music keeps playing even if the clouds roll in and it starts to rain.


“These new waterproof USB cables are perfect for use in military and industrial applications where standard USB cables would fail due to exposure to liquids and fine particulate contamination. We offer a variety of options including panel mount designs and shielding to address just about every application,” said Mark Hearn, MilesTek Product Manager. 

Depending on the model one end of the cable can be equipped with a rugged molded back shell, metal coupling nut or it can be reinforced with a die-cast steel mountable connector with threaded coupling and O-ring seals. The steel allows for it to be grounded if necessary.

MilesTek Waterproof USB cables are available directly from the on-line store. Their cables come in five standard lengths – 0.5, 1, 2, 3 and 5 metres.

Because of their protective nature, these cables cost a little more than your typical off the shelf model. But if you need reliability in less than ideal conditions, the added cost for a little extra assurance is worth the few extra bucks.

Cable prices start at US $21.95 (0.5m) for waterproof models. Shielded waterproof models start at $35.50 (0.5m). There are over 20 different cables available including some with USB Mini B connectors.

Shielded waterproof capswith rubber lanyards that can easily attach to the cable are also available. They cost about US $10.

Photos courtesy MilesTek Corporation.


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