Grab n’ Go Family Gifts for Holiday Time Entertainment

You’re on your way home or off to a holiday gathering of family and friends, but need a possible last minute gift to take along.  Here are a few gift ideas you can pick up on the way or order for quick delivery for a relaxing time during the holiday week – suitable for all ages.

Table Fun

Jenga by Hasbro is a great idea for a gift suitable for a post-holiday meal activity that requires a little more brainpower than brawn.  It’s a classic low-tech game, fun to play with family and friends of all ages.

The premise is you have 54 small wooden blocks. You start by stacking them in a tower and one by one players take turns removing a block without having the tower collapse.  No two games are ever the same, so it always offers up something different and people’s interest for hours on end. You can grab one at your local Toys“R”US in Canada for $19.99.

Everyone Loves Cards

Another idea for a grab n’ go gift is UNOby Mattel.  UNO, is fun classic card game of matching colours and numbers. What’s great is if someone has never played it before they can pick it up and they’re good to go in a few minutes.

The basic idea is you are dealt a hand of cards. To win, you need to dispose of all the cards in your hand by matching up cards you’re holding to one showing on the table. For an added spin and to keep it interesting, Special Action and Wild Cards change things up a little so things don’t become too routine. Of course when you’re down to your last card, you must shout out – “UNO.”  You need 500 points to win. You earn them for cards left in your opponent’s hands. It’s good for up to 10 players, ages 7+. You can grab a deck, which includes 112 cards at your local Toys“R”US in Canada for only $7.99.

To celebrate 35 years of fun in Canada, Toys”R”Us Canada also offers a special UNO Anniversary Edition featuring Geoffrey the Giraffe. It has 108 cards and retails for only $5.99.

Both Jenga and UNO are ideal for a low-tech family gathering around the table.

1000’s of Streaming Movies, TV Shows and more

If gathering around the big screen TV is your family thing and want to add access to a plethora of movies and TV shows, now might be a great time to get the family a new Roku Premiere streaming player. It’s a great and economical way to make almost any TV a Smart TV. It’s also an easy way to get your entertainment like Netflix, Prime Video and a plethora of other TV, news sports channels, many free, streaming in HD, 4K Ultra HD and 4K HDR. Roku now supports both the Apple TV app and the new Apple TV+ streaming service as well as Disney+ giving you even more streaming options for the entire family.

To get up and running is as easy as connecting to the Internet. You can operate your Roku through its simple remote complete with shortcut button to popular channels, or use your mobile device to control it and also listen quietly through it with your headphone or earbuds.

During the holiday season, Roku Premiere is only $44.99.  For a limited time, with purchase you also qualify forthree free months of CBS All-Access where you can get newly aired CBS shows and original content. Roku Premiere is available directly from Roku or you can grab one off the shelf at many fine retailers including London Drugs.

Theatre-Style Popcorn at Home

Now that the entire family is ready for some serious TV binge-watching, why not enjoy some great popcorn? The Cuisinart Theatre-Style Popcorn Maker (CPM-28C) is a scaled down interpretation of a commercial style popcorn maker complete with its own pivoting kettle. It offers up 500 watts of power so in just three minutes, it can pop up to 10 cups of popcorn.

It looks pretty cool. It measures 21.9” x 11.75” x 11.75” and weighs 10 lbs., so it should be effortless to find a home for it. It’s also simple to use. It has a tilt access door for easy-serving and a non-stick aluminum kettle for a quick clean-up.

The Cusinart CPM-28C comes with a popcorn scoop, oil-measuring spoon and kernel-measuring cupand available on Amazon or your local Walmart for $99.88.

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