Creating Interesting Podcast Content: Part 1 – Greg Gazin & Ryan Levesque

Greg Gazin & Ryan Levesque

In this two-part episode, Greg and Ryan step away from the typical interview format to talk about podcasting – specifically, how you can create interesting content.

With over 900,000 podcasts and 30 million episodes on Apple Podcasts alone, there’s no doubt podcasting has become mainstream. And with the introduction of Pathways, all 11 paths offer a Podcasting elective at Level 4 giving Toastmasters around the world yet another platform to practice, enhance and showcase their communication skills.

In this first part of a two episode series, you’ll learn about what makes for interesting content by developing an understanding  of your “Why?” or your purpose. Greg and Ryan also illustrate using examples from their experiences and past episodes including the “Why?” of the Toastmasters Podcast, building on the creative strategies they use to help keep the audience tuned-in and coming back. 

Part 1 wraps up with a revisit to episode #100, an Interview with 2015 World Champion of Public Speaking Mohammed Qahtani, as a case study. Greg and Ryan look back at and how they were able to dig deeper and uncover lesser known facts and gems from this fascinating World Champion.

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