MEATER: No more guessing to grill your meat to perfection

Whether you’re tracking the time or simply gauging by touch, some people just have the knack for knowing exactly when their meat has been cooked to perfection. For others like me, it’s always been about constantly hovering over the hot stove or grill poking your chicken, steak or fish with a thermometer or cutting into it to make sure it’s cooked right.

Dual Sensor Waterproof Wireless Probe

MEATER by Apption Labs, a gadget and companion app is one solution that can change all that. It’s a dual-sensor thermometer probe only 130mm long and 6mm diameter you leave in your protein. It’s also fully wireless as all the electronics are embedded and should last for up to 24-hour continuous use on a single charge. It’s waterproof and rustproof and made from highly durable stainless steel with a ceramic top. It’s also dishwasher safe so it’s easy to clean.

Monitor your cooking remotely

Whether you like your steak cooked medium-rare or well-done, the probe’s patented MEATER Sense technology ensures a perfectly cooked cut each time. It employs both of its two sensors; the internal sensor measures a meat’s internal temperature up to 100°C and an external ceramic sensor that monitors the ambient temperature up to 275°C to estimate the resting temperature of your meat. Sensors are accurate within 0.5°C.

It’s so easy to use.

Using the app, the Guided Cook System walks you through every step of the cooking process to guarantee consistent results. Simply select what you want to cook and how you want it done. The advanced estimator algorithm calculates how long your delectable needs to cook and the time it needs to rest. 

The app will monitor and display the internal, ambient and target temperatures and show you where you are and approximate time remaining to cook by simply inserting the probe into your meat. You can customize alerts, see graphs of items cooked and also store your masterpieces  so you can use the same settings again.

You’ll never need to constantly stand over your stove or grill as you can monitor what’s cooking in real-time from your smartphone or tablet from up to 10m away. You can extend that range 5X, up to 50m with the MEATER Plus model which has a built-in repeater. Another way to extend the range is by using MEATER Link Wi-Fi and a second mobile device.


One other great feature is MEATER Cloud. With this free account you can share what’s cooking on a Mac or Windows PC through a web browser. This can be particularly handy if you need to step away for a moment or two and no one else is around to keep an eye out.

And if you find you can sometimes use a third hand to check your progress, using your voice, you can ask Amazon’s Alexa to help you out. You can ask questions like, “Hey Alexa, how long has my meat been on the grill?” or “What is the internal temperate of my meat?” and you can even tell Alexa to, “Switch to Celsius,” and more.

MEATER with Bamboo Case & Charger

MEATER comes in a smooth wood-grained bamboo box that matches almost any indoor or outdoor decor that doubles both storage device for your thermometer probe and a charger. A tri-colour LED indicates the charger’s status.  It runs on a single AAA battery and since the probe requires very little power to operate, a decent battery should be good for up to 100 charges before it needs to be replaced. It also has a handy magnetic back that adheres to any metallic surface, so you can keep it within reach.

MEATER is great to help you better a better grill master of the house. It can also make for a great gift. The Original MEATER retails in Canada for $119.00 MEATER Plus with a built-in repeater retails for $169.00. You can get your directly from MEATER’s Canadian ShopAmazon, and select BBQ specialty shops like Barbecues Galore

If you’re more of a traditional hand-held thermometer kind of person, check out our review of Thermapen ONE by ThermoWorks our next review that will feature an automatic intelligent motion-sensing all-in-one probe that gives instant temperature readings, within one second, with 0.5°F accuracy.  


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