Last-minute gadget gift ideas to keep your family safe and sound

Christmas gift ideas from iStorage, ZVOX, AirThings and Kensington

We all want to ensure our families’ safety and well-being during the holiday season. For added comfort and peace of mind, consider these last-minute holiday gift ideas.

datAshur PRO+C iStorage – Can’t get in without a PIN

An invaluable gift option this year is the iStorage datAshur PRO+C Storage, which addresses physical safety and safeguards your family’s personal information, especially the data stored on a USB Flash drive, from potential hackers and prying eyes.

The datAshur PRO+C iStorage is an exceptionally sturdy and rugged portable flash drive that boasts resistance to water and dust and is enclosed within a protective aluminum sleeve. Its dual-layer security approach sets it apart: it encrypts your data, rendering it unreadable to unauthorized individuals, and requires an 8-15 alphanumeric PIN entered through its built-in keypad for access.

This device is also designed to be tamper-proof. Its components are epoxy-coated, making it exceedingly difficult to access without causing irreparable damage to the drive. Moreover, its wear-resistant keypad is polymer-coated, ensuring your PIN remains confidential.

Versatility is another notable feature; it can be configured for both Administrators and Users, and it offers options like read-only mode and auto-lock upon removal. Additionally, it adheres to the latest FIPS 140-3 Level 3 certification, signifying its resistance to tampering and identity-based authentication. In extreme scenarios, it can even be programmed to “self-destruct,” erasing data in response to brute force attacks.

A built-in lithium-ion battery and onboard encryption processing ensure top-tier performance without overburdening your device’s CPU. The iStorage datAshur also delivers impressive speed and compatibility, functioning seamlessly with any device featuring a USB port. It comes equipped with a USB 3.2 Type C connector and a USB C-A adapter. For added assurance, it comes with a three-year warranty and is available in various data capacities, starting at $126.25. Conveniently, you can place your order directly from the iStorage shop on Amazon.

ZVOX AccuVoice Sound Bar – Enjoy the Sound and Dialogue

While we often marvel at the visual spectacles on our high-definition big-screen TVs, there’s a recurring challenge: inadequate audio clarity. How often have you found yourself rewinding or resorting to subtitles to catch dialogue?

The ZVOX AV355 AccuVoice Sound Bar effectively addresses this issue. This sleek, low-profile device employs principles akin to those used in hearing aids and incorporates 12 levels of dialogue clarification technology to enhance voice clarity. Six of these levels leverage AccuVoice, ZVOX’s patented hearing aid technology, which effectively isolates voices from the background audio. The other six levels fall under SuperVoice technology, which intelligently reduces background sounds to prevent them from interfering with voices.

What sets these algorithms apart is their ability to elevate voice clarity without compromising the overall audio quality or soundtrack. Additionally, the Sound Bar offers Output Leveling, which mitigates abrupt volume spikes often encountered during commercial breaks.

To deliver a fully immersive experience, ZVOX integrates PhaseCue virtual surround technology and a virtual subwoofer, resulting in a 3D sound experience with enhanced bass. All these features come neatly packaged in a sleek, black 24W soundbar that measures only 24 inches in width, 2.2 inches in height, and 3.5 inches in depth.

The ZVOX AV355 AccuVoice Sound Bar includes a wireless remote and supports both analog and digital inputs, ensuring compatibility with nearly all types of TVs. It is available for purchase on Amazon at a price point of $269.99.

AirThings View Plus – Keep your home from making you sick

The quality of the air in your home can have a significant impact on your family’s health. Therefore, it’s essential to stay informed about potential indoor hazards. AirThings, a renowned air quality monitoring company, has introduced its most comprehensive offering to date – the AirThings View Plus.

Equipped with seven sensors, the View Plus provides comprehensive monitoring of Radon, a potentially silent threat, along with contaminants such as carbon dioxide (CO2), particulate matter (PM2.5), and other volatile airborne chemicals (VOCs). Additionally, it tracks temperature, air pressure, and humidity levels.

The latest model can be easily mounted on a wall or placed on a table. It features a built-in 2.9-inch display that simultaneously provides real-time readings for two parameters, accompanied by a three-colour (green, yellow, and red) glow indicator.

Setting up the View Plus is a straightforward process, and its companion app allows you to track and graph current and historical data over various timeframes, offering insights into changes over 48 hours, a week, a month, or even a year. Furthermore, View Plus sends timely notifications when action is required.

For power options, it can run on batteries or via USB-C, offering both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. This device can serve as an Internet hub for devices placed in multiple rooms, extending network access to other standalone AirThings devices, such as the AirThings Wave.

Airthings View Plus comes with a one-year limited warranty, with the option to extend it to five years if registered within 30 days of purchase. It ships with 6 x AA batteries, a USB-C cable, and a quick-start guide. It is available for  $379.99 on Amazon and directly from Airthings.

Kensington Pro Fit Washable – Easy-Clean & Germ-Free Desktop

Sometimes keeping your technology clean and germ-free takes precedence over wireless convenience. If this resonates with you, consider the Kensington Pro Fit Washable Wired Keyboard and Mouse Desktop Set as an ideal family gift for both home and office environments. This dynamic duo boasts rugged durability, waterproof features, and effortless hygiene maintenance, making it impervious to crumbs and accidental spills.

The keyboard boasts a full 104-key layout, complete with six rows and a numeric keypad for convenient number input. Designed for frequent use and easy cleaning, the keys are laser-etched to ensure readability and durability, even when exposed to various cleaning solvents.

The mouse is thoughtfully crafted for both right-handed and left-handed family members, offering a comfortable grip and a three-button scroll wheel equipped with a high-definition 1600 DPI optical tracking sensor for precise and effortless navigation.

Simplicity reigns with its plug-and-play USB connectivity, eliminating the need for battery replacements or software installations. Just remember, when cleaning, avoid immersing the USB connectors in water.

The Kensington Pro Fit Washable Wired Desktop is available for under $80 and comes with Kensington’s limited three-year warranty. You can find this exceptional set at Best Buy or on Amazon.

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