Hacker sounds alarm for wireless security

Haines Brad 150x150

By Greg Gazin
Writer, Troy Media

EDMONTON, AB, Dec. 7, 2009/ Troy Media/ — Brad Haines is a hacker at heart.  He spends his nights finding new ways to subvert technology to do things it was never meant to do. But he spends his days advising clients how to keep those very things from happening to their computer systems.   READ COMPLETE ARTICLE HERE!

Cost-effective event planning made easy

Published in The Edmontonians

EDMONTON, AB, August 27, 2009/Troy Media/ — Trust the organized mind of a chartered accountant, with an appreciation for the capacity of customized software, to come up with the answer.

Dave BodnarchukDave Bodnarchuk, a BComm grad from the University of Alberta, saw an opportunity: to provide not-for-profits with a reasonably-priced, easy-to-use product that would help them streamline their event planning, from issuing invitations, to tracking RSVPs, to doing online registrations.


Blogging for Fame and Fortune – Book Review

Blogging for Fame and Fortune
While blogging has been around for a few years, and some believe it may already be passé, there are, still, currently over 50 millions blogs in cyberspace, with more being added every minute. …. More  Read Full Article at Troy Media