Edmonton’s Metterra Hotel of Whyte is ideal for staycation


Trendy boutique hotel on trendy Whyte Ave ideal for business travellers too!

EDMONTON, AB, Feb 4, 2014/ Troy Media/ – I live in Edmonton and enjoy the trendy urban neighbourhood of Old Strathcona, which is located south of the North Saskatchewan River across from the city centre.

So during a recent staycation I decided to try out the Mettera Hotel on Whyte Avenue. I was more than pleasantly surprised.

The Metterra on Whyte Hotel is a boutique hotel located smack-dab in the middle of Old Strathcona on the busy Whyte Avenue (82nd Ave) and surrounded by a good selection of bars, restaurants, coffee shops, gift shops, book and clothing stores and live entertainment venues. If you didn’t know the hotel was there, you might miss it as it can easily get lost in the sea of retail signage in the area.


Should an iPad Air be under the tree this year?


Now that the latest generation of the Apple iPad, the iPad Air is here, the question on some people’s minds, is whether or not it should be on the list for this year’s holiday season?


CanoeTech Review: Mobile Home brings Siri to your car

Mobile Home

When you hear “mobile home”, the first thing that comes to mind is a house on wheels. But this mobile home is nothing like a house trailer; this one is a portable replacement for your iPhone’s home button.

Mobile Home is a creation of Plano, Texas based, Beanco Technology. It’s like they’ve detached your iPhone`s home button and put it in a little package that resembles a garage door remote. Just like the garage remote, simply mount Mobile Home on your dash or attach it to the visor in your car.  With a push of a button, you can bring Siri to life, leaving your iPhone’s features usable while it’s safely and legally in your pocket or purse. The concept is so simple you wonder why someone hadn’t come up with it sooner.


CANOETech Review: Tenqa Fit Bluetooth Earbuds for Sports


It’s rare to get on a bus, walk in the park or visit a gym and not see people wearing a pair of earbuds, tuned in to their favourite music or video. But it’s even rarer to see them wearing in-ear bluetooth wireless earbuds to get the job done and Tenqa Fit does just that.  READ MORE at CANOE TECH BLOG

Kanex DoubleUp doubles your charging pleasure

Kanex  DoubleUp

While it sounds like the name of an R. Kelly album and a famous chewing gum,DoubleUp by Kanex is a dual USB charger for iPad, iPhone, and iPod. And unlike a typical USB charger, this gadget is uniquely designed as a workhorse, enabling you to simultaneously and quickly charge two full-sized iPads from a single power source. Having this capability can be particularly handy when you’re on the road and carrying a backpack full of gadgets or when the availability of AC sockets or time is at a premium.

DoubleUp has a simple design and is fairly easy to use.  The sleek and almost oval shaped design features a foldaway plug so it’s easy to store away when traveling. While it’s much larger than your standard iPhone or iPad AC wall charger, it’s still compact enough to be portable.   READ MORE AT G4 TECH TV.ca

Review: Sharp Aquos LC-60LE857U 3D LED Smart TV


About two and a half years ago I had the opportunity to test-drive Sharp’s 46” Aquos Quattron and gave a review here at Canoe Tech blog. Remember the commercial featuring George Takei (Mr. Sulu from Star Trek) in his white lab coat?  At that time 46″ was still considered reasonably large and I really wanted to see whether that one little yellow pixel would really make a difference. Fast-forward to today and Sharp Aquos Quattron has taken a leap forward. Not only have screens increased up to 90”, they’ve also become a lot smarter in the 6, 7 & 8-series models.


How to apply the Easy Rule of Life, Review of Look Ma Life’s Easy

EDMONTON, AB, Dec. 1, 2012/ Troy Media/ – As an avid fan of Ernie Zelinski since his original release of the The Joy Of Not Working through toHow to Retire Happy Wild and Free and having read and re-read many of Ernie’s books over the years, I eagerly awaited the arrival of Look Ma, Life’s Easy.


While virtually all of Zelinski’s books have had his signature style – offering inspiring and thought provoking nuggets of wisdom and life lessons – this one is different. It’s written in a story style, in the form of a parable, a fable in some ways reminiscent of Robin Sharma’s, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, but still uniquely Zelinski.

[Read more...]

REVIEW SA950i headphones from UK based RHA


With Sir Paul McCartney gracing the stage of Rexall Place in Edmonton in less than 24 hours, I thought it would be cool to review a new set of headphones by RHA, a small British audio company and a division of Reid-Heath Ltd., who recently launched their products in Canada.

Read more… AT CANOE TECH

G4TV Canada: PadPivot NST turns lap into a tablet desk

PadPivot NST

iPads and other tablets have become so versatile, they can now be used almost anywhere but sometimes holding them for long periods of time or keeping them in a place or at angle to effectively use them can be a challenge. This is especially true where the only available surface is an arm, a leg or a lap; like in the back seat of a car.


StarTech portable hard drive enclosure encrypts data in real-time


Encrypting your data is certainly a good way to keep those prying eyes away from confidential, personal and sensitive information. So StarTech has come up with a creative way to easily keep your files, specifically those not located right on your computer safe and secure, especially while you’re on the road.