netTALK & VTech bundle create turnkey home phone package

VTech DUO.jpg

Just in time for Back-to-School, VoIP provider netTALK and handset manufacturer VTech have teamed up to provide a low cost turnkey home phone bundle for under $80. It can be used almost anywhere; all you need is a high speed Internet connection.

The bundle combines a netTALK DUO VoIP adapter and a VTech CS6619-2NT expandable cordless phone system, complete with two handsets all in one box. It’s priced at $79.76 is a available exclusively through a select number of Walmart Canada stores. Purchasing a bundle is better deal than buying the two items individually which would run you $124.90, over $40 more.

The bundle price includes a full year of free calling throughout Canada and the U.S.   It also comes with a number of free calling features. These include: call waiting, call forwarding, conference calling, enhanced 911, 411 directory assistance, visual voicemail, call blocking, 3-way calling plus a number of others. You also get a free phone number and your line may be eligible to optionally port over your existing phone number from your current service provide for a one-time fee.

While I have not personally reviewed the the netTALK DUO, back in February, I reviewed its wireless version, the netTALK DUO Wi-Fi, which you can read about here, so it can give you a good idea of what it’s all about.

Review: NetTALK Duo Wi-Fi VOIP system


There doesn’t seem to be a shortage of phone lines in my household but truth being told, with Skype, Facetime and my iPhone readily available, I hardly use them. While I’m not sure I’m ready to totally cut out the cord, it would be nice to find a way to cut down some of those monthly expenses.