Pik’s Revenge! A Miner Detail

20100302 Pik 01How would you feel if one day you were just working your everyday day job and out of the blue, your planet is pummeled on by series of explosions?

For Pik a humble miner from Dustbucket-5– a mind-your-own- business kinda guy, this is more than just a bad day. He survives the weapons of mass destruction (hmm that sounds familiar), but his life has now been thrown into turmoil…. READ  Full REVIEW at G4TV Canada EAVB_ROXQWLMIKE

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  1. Just wanted to let you know that Epsiode 3 was approved today and should appear in the App Store shortly. Essentially we’ve added an entire new planet with 4 more zones to explore, plus we’ve tweaked the game play a bit to give the player more options and to quicken the little fella’s pace a bit as he travels thru the galaxy! We’ve also souped up the FREE version, unlocking over half of the content on the first planet for everyone to get a bigger peek into the game and the changes we’ve made.

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