Apple’s 2nd Store Opens May 28th In Edmonton


Apple Store Edmonton Southgate

Looks like May 28th is the day  Apple opens its 2nd retail store in Edmonton, Alberta.

It’s located at Southgate Centre at 111ST and 51 Ave

There’s a special door-open time for that day only of 8:00AM – just in time for the unveiling of the new iPad. The first 1000 visitors will get a free Apple T-Shirt.

There are currently 14 Apple retail stores in Canada, 5 in and around the Toronto Area, 3 in and around the Greater Montreal Area, 2 in Vancouver, 1 each in Ottawa, Winnipeg and Calgary and of course Edmonton.

Pik’s Revenge! A Miner Detail

20100302 Pik 01How would you feel if one day you were just working your everyday day job and out of the blue, your planet is pummeled on by series of explosions?

For Pik a humble miner from Dustbucket-5– a mind-your-own- business kinda guy, this is more than just a bad day. He survives the weapons of mass destruction (hmm that sounds familiar), but his life has now been thrown into turmoil…. READ  Full REVIEW at G4TV Canada EAVB_ROXQWLMIKE

Gadget Greg on CityTV BT Edmonton 26/3/09 8:40AM

Another great opportunity to show gadgets to CityTV Breakfast Television Viewing Audience. What a blast it was!.  Incredible interview by Wendy Sandwith – it was certainly an honour to meet her for the first time – she’s pretty enthusiastic about gadgets and it made for a great segment!  Lots of Fun!  Incredible crew!

Four minutes is not enough time to talk in detail about all the gadgets, so in case you want to know more – here it is.

We looked at the QuikPod and the QuikPod DSLR monopod like  gadgets to allow you to take photos of yourself and more. We also looked at the Mophie Juice Pack and the Tekkeon MP1200 Cases for iPod/iPhone that double as a spare battery (Reviewed at G4 Tech TV Canada)  We also looked at the Ecosol PowerStick – Made in Canada ( review at Canoe Technology). Spare power in a tiny stick to power or recharge various handheld devices. The Timex Ironman iPod Edition allows you to attach a dongle or thingamabob – as Wendy calls it, to your iPod and control it from the Timex Watch. To demonstrate these gadgets, we used the Apple iPod Touch & iPod Video.

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