‘Bring Your Pet to Work Day’ backfires at Klick Health


You just wonder if it was a really good idea. In just over two minutes you get to see over 30 animals and exotic insects take over the offices when all hell breaks loose over at Toronto-based, Klick Health in a twisted take on “Bring Your Pet to Work Day.”

“Our experience clearly contradicts studies that say bringing pets to work can reduce employee stress,” quipped Klick Health CEO Leerom Segal.

OK, he was only kidding. Segal says they put the video out as a way to give the world more reasons to smile during the holiday season.

Watch the video and see if you can figure out which animals are real. Then read on for the answers.

Segal also adds that the video, created in-house, is multipurpose: to showcase the company’s talent and creative abilities of their people, to catch a glimpse into their corporate culture and to double as a recruitment tool. Clever. It was also a team effort. In fact 70 of the 350 employees of this digital health agency were involved in the process along with professional animal trainers and handlers.

So what about the animals? I was curious as to how much of it was real. It turns out that some of the animals are CGI – computer generated imagery – but most of them are the real thing. You might be surprised to know that some of the creatures that you thought you could never have in an office – like the cougar in the elevator, the emu chasing an employee and the hawk on the hunt – are actually real.

The scorpion and tarantula crawling across the keyboard are the real thing too, although the hands you see are not of an employee but rather that of the handler.

The Pet Rock is real and so are all the people.

The company says the video was shot over three days. I wondered – with that number of animals confined in an office building and certainly outside their natural environment, how much damage would that chaos create? It could undoubtedly make for an interesting insurance claim. According to insiders, the only filming mishap involved an African Grey Parrot pooping on a tablet computer. Amazing.

The video is certainly entertaining. It’s also a good example how businesses can use the medium as a promotional tool to help create buzz for their business and recruit new team members.

If your curiosity has been piqued, check out klick.com/holiday and look for other holiday videos. 🙂

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