Entrepreneur credits Toastmasters for $10K Prize – Toastcaster Podcast 59

Entrepreneur Rana Varma from Calgary, Alberta Canada credits Toastmasters as key in helping him win a $10,000 prize for a new product pitch at a recent health competition. In the latest Toastcaster Podcast, he tell us about his pitch, his new invention the Slate Scale and how skills he learned in Toastmasters helped make all the difference. ( Click MORE for MORE and access to the Podcast.)

The really cool thing about this interview is that it came about because Varma emailed and called me looking for media coverage for his Indiegogo campaign. Well, it worked. I found the product quite interesting and suitable for a post on the CanoeTech Blog.

So how did Toastmasters entered into the conversation? I vaguely recall that it might have had to do with trying to arrange a time for Varma and I to speak,but not a night that I had to go to Toastmasters.

Nevertheless it worked out well as it made for an interesting tech blog post and if you listen to the podcast you’ll see how it makes sense for Toastcaster’s podcast. And like the title says Varna credits Toastmaster’s for being the key ingredient that helped him take on both the People’s choice award and a $10,000 prize for first place in the health competition. Check out last Wednesday’s post Slate – World’s 1st portable nutritional smart scale for a link to the Canoe Tech Blog.

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