iRobot Dynamic Duo: Roomba vacuums then Braava Jet mops – automatically

Nobody really likes to do household chores, whether it be vacuuming, dusting, or mopping, so last year around this time we were ecstatic, when we discovered the robot vacuum we were ultimately looking for. This time around, iRobot has stepped up two notches by delivering a more powerful and smarter dynamic duo, the iRobot Roomba s9+ vacuum and Braava jet m6 mop ready for review.

The company’s previous offering, the reimagined 3rd generation iRobot i7+ with Clean Base and Automatic Dirt Disposal had blown us away by leaps and bounds as to how automated vacuum technology had emerged.  It finally worked. This Wi-Fi enabled gadget didn’t just clean the floor by itself, its Imprint Smart Mapping paved the way to allow it to adapt to human routines and always finding the most efficient path to clean regardless of the floor plan or style.

iRobot Home App: Directed Room Clean

The Roomba i7+ always knew where it was, eventually where it needed to be and where needed to clean. It learned to map you home’s terrain by trial and error through iRobot’s patented iAdapt Navigation 3.0 system and impressive array of sensors figuring out the best way to clean each room each time. Even better it could be all be done from your mobile device with the iRobot Home app and with the Alexa’s or Google Assistant’s help. When the job is done it could also empty its own bin into a bag up to 30 times.

iRobot Roomba s9+ robot vacuum w/ Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal

The Roomba s9+ can do what the i7+ does and more and does it better. Like the i7+, it’s easy to train. At first glance when it sets off on its own, it looks like a lost puppy trying to figure out where to go next, exploring, bumping into things, getting the lay of the land as it makes its way around the house. room to room. The latest iteration incorporates a new advanced 3-D sensor scanning at a rate of 25 times per second, constantly scanning what’s in front of it. It’s learning exactly where the furniture and every roadblock is and with it’s new PerfectEdge Technology it finds every corner and edge so every nook and cranny can be cleaned.

s9+ dual rubber brushes and corner brush

The dual rubber brushes are up to 30% wider than some of the previous models, absorbing more dirt scooping it into the bin as it treads along on its merry way. The corner brush which somewhat resembles a spider, pokes out it’s spinning five 30mm arms getting into all the corners and along wall edges.

For those who have carpet, the s9+ has a new cleaning system, which the company claims has up to 40 times the suction of previous models. Preferences can be set to automatically detect floor type and boost vacuum power when needed to deep clean carpets.

This new model also incorporates a high efficiency filter and new anti-allergen system that keeps pollen and mould allergens, from escaping the robot or disposal bin.

Braava jet m6: Targeted Jet sprayer for wet mopping

Braava jet m6 Robot Mop

Vacuuming the floor is just part of the job, sometimes you need to mop too. This is where the Braava jet comes in. It looks styled after the Roomba, only smaller. Unlike the Roomba, it does not gather dirt in a bin, but rather traps the dirt in a pad similar in concept for those familiar with the Swiffer. The big difference, is that it does it better and you don’t have to do the work.

Braava jet single use wet pad

You attach a sweeping or a mopping pad on its underside. The former uses a dry electrostatic method for sweeping up typical dirt and dust. The latter is a specialized fibre pad in conjunction with either water or a solution of  Braava Jet Hard Floor Cleaner and water  for better cleaning grease and grime you’re more likely to find in your kitchen and bathroom. Braava can detect whether you’ve installed a wet or dry pad. For wet applications, simply fill the removable canister with your desired liquid and when needed a precision targeted jet spray nozzle located at the front of your Braava will dispense an appropriate amount while the pad mops away the mess. When you’re done you can easily eject the pad into the garbage without having to handle it.

Imprint Smart Map on available on both models

The Braava jet m6 mop uses the same navigation and smart mapping technology for efficient coverage and also the same app, so it’s all in one and you don’t have to learn another all over again.

If you’re impressed by this dynamic duo, with all due respect to Batman and Robin, you’ll be thrilled that while they can be bought and used separately they can operate as an automatic tag-team courtesy of iRobot’s new Imprint Link Technology. By initiating, a “Linked Clean” via the app, once your Roomba s9+ completes its vacuum job and returns to the home dock, Braava jet m6 will seamlessly set out on its mopping mission giving yourself a little bit more time to put your feet up and watch the hockey game.

SmartCharge and Resume and Keep Out Zones

Two new features recently have been unveiled for both devices with a software update. Should the batteries run low in the middle of a job, it’ll return to base and juice itself up for just enough time to complete the job before returning later for a full charge. In addition, should you have an area you wish not disturbed, like around your pet’s water bowl or antique lamp; you can map out an area your robot should steer clear from. (note: some of these new features may also be available for other select iRobot models via OTA software update.)

New Keep Out feature keeps precious items safe

Both models are ideal for homes with multiple rooms open floor space and larger cleaning areas. They do come at a premium compared to others, but they’re adaptable and can save you significant work and time. It also makes for a great family gift.

iRobot Roomba s9+ robot vacuum with Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal retails in Canada for $1649.99.  It comes with two disposable bags, and an extra filter and extra corner brush.  Vacuum and Clean Base Disposal also available separately.

Braava jet m6 and dock

The Braava jet m6 robot retails for $699.99. It comes with two wet and two dry pads and a 4-ounce sample of cleaning solution. Both can be found at various retail locations including Amazon and directly from iRobot. You can save money buy them as a bundle. Holiday pricing with added bonuses are also available.

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