Math Makers kid’s game teaches math without parent’s supervision

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It has to be fun to learn math, unless you’re one who doesn’t like to have fun. That’s where Math Makers a new title by Montreal-based Ululab comes in. Like hiding turnips within the mash potatoes like Mom used to do, math lessons are seamlessly hidden within the gameplay of this app so kids will enjoy making their way through physics-based puzzles, not realizing they are learning lessons along the way. They’ll have fun and stay engaged as they encounter wacky and wonderful creatures, collect pets without feeling like they’re studying in school.

The subscription-based app will provide a way for kids to learn math without the constraints that come with a classroom, without even realizing it!

Conceptually, Math Makers uses a gaming platform to change children’s intuitions about difficult concepts some of us have shied away from in the past like place value, fractions, addition, subtraction, equality, and so much more.

App’s Key Features: 

  • Develops kids’ intuition and understanding of core math concepts, by tackling the most common math problems kids struggle with, from kindergarten through elementary.
  • Designed alongside university researchers, by developers with advanced education training.
  • Play in a child-safe digital environment: no ads, micro-transactions or in-app purchases – parents can relax knowing their kids are enjoying educational screen time.

“Not all kids have access to the same quality of math teaching,” says François Boucher-Genesse, Director at Ululab, adding, “Math Makers levels the playing field by teaching kids math concepts without the need for adult supervision.”

The beauty is that the kids can be off having fun and learning without any of the guilt associated with parents taking a little time for themsleves.

After the huge success of their multi-award winning app Slice Fractions, the game became the focus of an academic study which showed that, after only 3 hours of play time, kids improved an average of 10.5% in standardized math tests. Building on this formula of fun, Math Makers doesn’t just show kids how to practice, it actively teaches them math.

Math Makers is available for iOS and Android. Currently the company is offering early adopters 50% off for life!

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