Trombe – Powerful Airborne Dust Cleaner

3-step filtering with Automatic A.I. Operation 

We’re all concerned about the quality of the air we breathe – especially at home and we often think we need an air purifier? We ask, what kind should we get?  HEPA? UV? Active Carbon, Negative Ion? – And will it really even do the job? 

One innovative company, San Jose, California-based Trombe Air Inc., has taken a twist on two most popular styles and by applying their own innovative technology created the Trombe Airborne Dust Cleaner.

This unique air purifier utilizes a powerful vortex suction method to efficiently bring the air into the unit and purifies it by using a three-step filtration process.

Air that gets filtered is only as good as what gets sucked in through the intake, filtered and then exhausted out. Typical purifiers appear to use a simple fan to bring in air from its surroundings which is likely determined by the fan’s directional intake like a typical vacuum. 

Trombe realized they needed to bring in more from an area, so the company developed its own proprietary technology inspired by the ruthless nature of a tornado vortex which literally sucks everything in its path into a huge funnel, recreating this natural phenomenon (Hello Kansas!) but on a miniature scale. 

It’s called Swirler Vortex Technology (SVT).

So rather than air coming in through a straight narrow path, Trombe’s SVT method supposedly creates a large, powerful vortex at the air intake and pulls more particles from a much wider area.  This power also enables Trombe to not only bring in more, but also heavier, allergens, like dust mites, mold, pollen, pet dander, fur and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) – a blessing to those prone to allergic reactions.

To clean the air, Trombe utilizes a three-stage filtration system. It consists of a washable pre-filter and both a hybrid activated carbon + catalyst filter, and an H13 i.e., medical-grade 99.97% efficient true HEPA filter that should last four to five months depending on use. A red indicator will illuminate when it’s time to change.

And with its unique yet esthetically pleasing industrial design and suction five times more going in then going out, unlike conventional air purifiers that blow dust particles along the air exhaust, Trombe directs the movement of the dust particles into the air intake and the treated air away from it. 

The beauty of this system is that it’s whisper-quiet generating only 34-41dB of noise, so it won’t keep you up at night even when it’s near your bed.

Integrated Automatic Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) Operation

Trombe is simple to operate. There’s a power button on the side. There are three manual fan settings that can be set, but even better it can set to fully-automated AI control.

For Techies

For the techies, Trombe has a built-in PM1.0 sensor on the side that monitors the air quality. This senses ultra-fine particulate matter (not gaseous matter) with a diameter less than one micron. It samples small amounts of air (0.5cc) once per second.  When the average concentration for that minute stays below 10ug/m3 for three minutes, it automatically turns off and turns back on when the average concentration reaches over 10ug/m3. This also saves energy, money on filters and keeps run-time to a minimum.

In AI mode, the fan speed will also automatically adjust according to the concentration. The front of the device will glow blue for good, then green, orange and red and as the concentration rises. This can also be turned off when set to night mode.

Trombe is not designed to purify the entire home. It’s designed to be adequate for an area of 26 square metres (283 square ft.). It’s expected to reduce PM2.5 concentration (particulate of 2.5 microns) to less than 50% in only 10 minutes and ideally, should be placed about 1m of the ground so it’s not trying to filter dust and dirt you can easily sweep or vacuum up off the floor.

It’s important to note that if there are other fans, heaters, humidifiers or other devices with air current running nearby, it can of course skew results.

Since it’s likely going to find a home near your bedside, Trombe also has a charging USB port on the front for your phone or other device.

If you’re interested in using the latest technology to purify your home’s air, then Trombe would make for a good choice and make for a great gift. 

Trombe Airborne Dust Cleaner model TR600TB comes with a one-year warranty. It weighs 3.3KG (7.27 lbs.) and measures 410 x 250 x 390 cm (16.1 x 9.8 x 15.3 inches).  

This unit is currently being offered – but not for long through Indiegogo at an amazingly reduced price of $259 US ($352 CAD) which is already over 400% funded. Two sets of replacement filters are also available for $49US ($67CAD). 

Trombe is expected to ship in January 2023.  

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