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Whether you’ve just handed over a fortune to your hairdresser or striving to always look well-groomed, you’ve likely wondered how all that much pampering particularly the drying part is playing havoc on your oh-so-precious head of hair. If that’s the case, you might want to gift yourself – or others for the upcoming holiday season the ultimate grooming gadget – the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer.

Dyson…Dyson? The vacuum cleaner people? A quick peek at the calendar and no it’s not April – so it’s no April Fools gag. The Dyson Supersonic hair dryer is a real thing. In fact, the dryer incorporates some of the similar technologies Dyson is known for in their family of high-tech vacuums and fans. 

And while the vacuum can clean your flooring and carpets quickly and efficiently without damaging the surfaces, the dryer cares the same way for your hair. 

Dyson’s digital V9 motor generates the airflow by spinning at a whopping 110,000 rpm. Then, using Dyson’s Air Multiplier technology found in its series fans allows even this small hair dryer to stream an ultra-fast high pressure jet of controlled air onto your hair.  

To protect your hair’s shine, an intelligent processor is built right into the dryer head. It regulates the heat, measuring the air temperature a whopping 50 times a second. If you’re wondering about the annoying static one would expect from such a whirlwind, a negative ion generator also charges the particles in the air to avoid it.

The bottom line is your hair can be dried in a hurry with precision and without that overpowering heat that causes irritation to your scalp and damage. It’s a godsend for those in particular who battle their dry and brittle hair. 

For those who have ultra-fine hair or a sensitive scalp, a gentle air attachment can further protect those sensitive areas by gently diffusing the air. Your hair will still be dried reasonably fast but through a more gentler and cooler air flow. 

The beauty of this model is even with an intelligent processor, you still have full control of your hair drying experience. There are three precise speed settings and four precise heat settings ranging from 100 degrees Celsius for fast drying down to a 28 degree Celsius “Cold Shot” to set your hair once it’s styled.

More Attachments

While yours truly is happy just to have hair to be able to dry, four additional styling attachments are included for the look you want:  

1) The Flyaway attachment – which allows you to hide flyways under your longer hair;  

2) Styling Concentrator which focuses a high velocity blade of hair in one area while leaving the rest untouched;

3) Diffuser, that gently flows around curls while reducing frizz; And  

4) A robust Wide Tooth Comb for styling textured hair. All attachments easily attach magnetically and offer a full 360 degree rotation.

A selection of short step-by-step mini styling guide videos illustrating the use of these attachments are available on Dyson Canada’s website to help guide you to get the exact look you want. There is also an optional array accessories like brushes and stands to further suit your styling needs.

The Dyson Supersonic is engineered to work with a variety of different hair types. And as no head of hair is truly the same, perhaps a little trial and error might be needed to find the right setting for you. 

It’s easy to handle, measuring 9.6-inches high x 3.8-inches long x 3.12-inches wide and weighing only 1.8 pounds. It also comes with a nine foot cable so you can use it anywhere.

Dyson Supersonic hair dryer ranges in price from $549.99 – $599.99 and comes in a variety of different colour combinations including Nickel/Copper, Iron/Fuchsia, Fuchsia/Nickel, Blue/Gold and a special Red/Nickel model. 

While you might think this is more than you’d expect to pay for a hair dryer, think of what the hair dryer you have now can do and the cost of one’s last trip to the salon.  

A supersonic gift idea, you can find the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer at most major retailers, with a special limited-edition Prussian Blue/Copper model available (at time of update for $579.99) exclusively through Dyson Canada.

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