New Option for Old Keyboards

It seems that everyday there is a new effort to stay green and with new gadgets hitting the streets everyday the old, obsolete and decrepit ones have to go somewhere. And TV commercials, billboards, pop-up ads are reminding us of that – Rethink, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

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GadgetGreg on BT Edmonton 15JUN09 8:40AM – Audio Gadgets

BT June 15th, 2009  8:40AM

While Video becomes popular, Audio is still alive and well. One of the reasons is the availability MP3, podcasts and the ease editing.

Audio Recorders are also getting more sophisticated, powerful and with incredible capabilities that before would require a studio and a computer.

I like to use car analogies for Recorders:

H4N by ZOOM ($449) – The Lamborghini
Futuristic Funky design; Featured on the cover of Popular Science May 2009 as one of the most desirable gadgets today with recording with the capability of DVD quality sound. Used by artists and musicians.

featured in Greg’s gift ideas for Father’s Day

H2 by ZOOM ($239) – The Hummer
Rock solid recording with 4 built-in microphones that can record 360 degrees.

You may not find Zoom at all electronics shops – but you can find them at Axe Music or on-line at

Olympus LS-10 ($449)– The Porsche
Sleek Aluminum styled body, highly sensitive microphones; can record in multiple recording formats. Large display.

Olympus V5200– The Toyota Corolla
Good reliable sound recording. Not as full featured and power as the others but great for recording class lectures &, podcasts. Olympus has over 30 models

These next 2 items facilitate recording for those with iPods – more like trailers than cars

Belkin Go Studio – ($149)
Compact Portable Studio that uses the iPod as the recording device with the flexibility of being able to monitor and adjust levels on the fly. You can use the built in mics or plug in your own.  Read Review

Belkin TuneTalk Stereo ($69)
Gadget that snaps to the bottom of eslected iPod that turns your iPod into a recorder.  Read review at G4 Tech TV Canada

These would make great Father’s Day Gifts

We will also be giving away a brand-new Flip Mino pocket video camera that we couldn’t show on the last gadgetgreg visit to BT.

CONGRATULATIONS TO DARLENE M. OF EDMONTON – Darlene was the 8th caller into the show this morning and is now a proud owner of a Black Flip Mino

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