Apple quietly mutes iPod nano, shuffle


Try to find an iPod nano or iPod shuffle at your online Apple Store and you’ll find them nowhere to be found, as it appears that Apple has sent them off to iPod heaven.

These two Apple music players were destined to be discontinued. But it was certainly just a matter of time that as Apple focuses on Apple Music rather than rely on music downloads the primary source for these two devices.

iPod Shuffle

The iPod Shuffle was first introduced in 2005 and was the first iPod to use solid-state storage. Read more…at Canoe Tech Blog.

iPod touch prices down as Apple refreshes 16GB model

iPod touch five colours

While all the Apple talk seems to be focused on the rumoured big screened iPhone 6, there was good news out today for many iPod touch fans as Apple introduced slight changes to the iPod touch lineup. This is a good thing, as the iPod touch in essence gives you a number of features of the iPhone, like the ability to use apps, but without the phone.


Apple rolls out iPhone 5, new iPods and EarPods


For some it was a long time coming, but earlier today at the Apple event in San Francisco, the company announced, as expected, the new and improved iPhone 5. They also took the opportunity to announce new iPods, updated earbuds (dubbed EarPods), as well as a new iTunes. It seems for the most part, the rumour mill had it right and in some cases surprisingly dead on!


iNuke Boom world’s loudest iPod dock $29,999


Are you looking for an iPod dock, a very big iPod dock, a very big and loud iPod Dock? If you do you’ll have to wait for CES 2012 in January, when Behringer will unveil iNuke Boom, an iPod and iPhone dock, that scream out 10,000 watts of power. I’m sure; you’ll swear that it was on steroids.


iListen to the iPig

There are lots of animals in Farmville, but you’ll likely not find this particular bovine, appropriately called the iPig digitally grazing in cyberspace. However, you may find it hovering on a shelf, desk or a coffee table. At first, it looks like yet another amplified iPod docking station or Digital Active Loudspeaker as it’s referred to, but this is certainly no gadget to clutter up your barn.


Hands-on Review: 6th gen Apple iPod Nano

When Steve Jobs announced the new Apple iPod nano at the September Apple event, he referred to it as “like a tiny iPod touch” and tiny is the operative word. It’s not much bigger than a Toonie, measuring a mere 1.61” across and 1.48” high.  But what’s incredible about it is that not only does it have a crisp 1.5” TFT display, it has multi-touch gesture capabilities.   READ FULL POST AT CANOE TECH BLOG

Hands on Review: 4th gen Apple iPod Shuffle

Apple has revamped its entire family of iPods and its most basic and entry-level iPod shuffle is no exception. At the first glance of new fourth-gen iPod shuffle, it appears that Apple had gone back in time, two generations, to get its inspiration for the new model. Well that’s true, but only in part.  READ FULL POST AT CANOE TECH BLOG

iPod Shuffle Now Says..Next Song is…

Read Greg’s Blog Post on the iPod Shuffle at:  Canoe Space. 09ipodshuffle_hand