Hands on Review: 4th gen Apple iPod Shuffle

Apple has revamped its entire family of iPods and its most basic and entry-level iPod shuffle is no exception. At the first glance of new fourth-gen iPod shuffle, it appears that Apple had gone back in time, two generations, to get its inspiration for the new model. Well that’s true, but only in part.  READ FULL POST AT CANOE TECH BLOG

Belkin Declares Earbud Freedom for 3rd Gen iPod Shuffle

One of the greatest features of Apple’s 3rd generation iPod Shuffle, is for some, also one of its biggest drawbacks. There is no doubt; it’s a great piece of industrial design.  It’s slim, sleek and not much bigger than an AA battery whose uniqueness stems from the fact that it has no controls- buttons, dials or knobs on the surface of the unit itself.  Its practical design was such that you could access all of the unit’s functionality from the ease and convenience of the earbuds themselves with all the control features built into the lanyard.

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