Cool CreoPop pen lets you draw in 3D

CEOPOPIf you think 3D printers are cool, then how about a pen that allows you to draws objects in 3D that’s truly cool? It’s called CreoPop from a Singapore-based company of the same name originally funded through Indiegogo. The pen uses specially designed ink made from photopolymers that flows freely from the pen and solidifies when exposed to LED diodes.

Cool in More Ways

Now when I say cool, I mean it in multiple senses of the word. Yes, it is cool – very funky; imagine you can draw almost in thin air. It’s also cool because of the types of inks it uses (more later) and again cool, since the ink that flows from the pen is more or less cool to the touch. Read more…at CanoeTech Blog.

CES 2013: CubeX 3D printer outputs in basketball size


The latest innovation from 3D Systems looks like it might just be the replicator onboard the Starship Enterprise right out of an episode of Star Trek, but it’s not. It’s here, right here on Earth, in 2013.


Frogger 3D hops onto the Nintendo 3DS

Frogger logo 30th Ann_2011 FINAL

Just in time to celebrate its 30th anniversary, Frogger is back, this time in a whole new dimension, in 3D for the Nintendo 3DS. You can enjoy this timeless classic game, by Konami Digital Entertainment, but on an all-new platform. It’s been updated with new graphics and all new twists and perils that take advantage of the tight controls on the 3DS and give you the ultimate challenge – in 3D.

Review: Kodak ESP Office 2170 All-In-One & 3D printing

There is no shortage of multifunction all-in-one (AIO) printers on the market, but every once and a whi

KodakESP2170le one comes along that offers something just a little bit different. The Kodak ESP Office 2170 is one of those. It gives you the ability to output stereoscopic 3D images – of course, you will need wear those goofy 3D spectacles if you want to stand any chance of seeing your photos pop off the page. If 3D doesn’t wow you, read on, as I have inkling, (pardon the pun) that there are some other features that may tickle your fancy. Read more… AT CANOE TECH BLOG