New Audi knows when traffic signals will turn green

As the debate of the self-driving car continues, a number of car manufacturers are continuing to build smart and driver assistance technology into their new car models. The latest is Audi with select 2017 Q4 and Q7 models (built after June 1, 2016) which will be equipped with a traffic light information system that can alert the driver from the dashboard and tell him or her when the nearby traffic light will turn from red to green.

Audi America says the new technology called the Traffic Light Information System is being built in conjunction with Traffic Technology Services (TTS) and will be launching as part of their first step in vehicle to infrastructure integration (V2I) technology – and it’s set to launch in select “smart” cities across the U.S. later this fall.

Traffic light information is part of its suite of Audi connect PRIME services, a paid service which vehicle owners will be required to subscribe to in order to gain connectivity. Read more…at Canoe Tech Blog.

No need to wait for recall letter from Toyota or GM


If you’re one of the people waiting with bated breath to hear if your number has come up on the latest Toyota or General Motors (GM) vehicle recall list, it’s nice to know that you don’t have to wait for the letter to arrive in the mail before having your piece of mind.

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Getting Power? Plug Alive will tell you

plugalive3D front single-2

When it’s -30c, the last thing you want to do is plug and pray. You plug in your car’s block heater at night and pray that it will start the next morning. That’s because we usually plug in on blind faith. Sometimes we might go as far as touching the prongs to the block heater’s cord and listen for that little scratching sparking noise to see if there is power, which is not very convenient or scientific, eh?