Bolt HD wearable waterproof mini action camera


Swann, a company known for providing security monitoring solutions has gone beyond just using cameras for surveillance. They’ve just released Bolt HD, a new high-definition camera that’s both waterproof and wearable, making it ideal for shooting video whether you’re skydiving, motocross racing, surfing, scuba diving or just running in the rain.  VIEW FULL POST  AT CANOE Tech Blog

Last Gadget Standing – Lytro light field camera

last-gadget-Standing-LytroWe’ve all heard about Last Comic Standing, how about Last Gadget Standing? It has nothing to do with funny gadgets or anything funny about them, but it does have to do with bragging rights. Hosted by a duo of guest emcees – Gary Dell’Abate and Jon Hein from the infamous Howard Stern Show, Last Gadget Standing, according to the good folks from CES (Consumer Electronics Show), singles out one product that’s voted as “most likely to change the face of technology.”



Geek Gift Idea: The Electronic Spy Camera Shirt

I don’t think I’ve ever heard of James Bond getting a day off, but I’m sure he has to sometime.  And when he does, this is the type of T-Shirt he probably wears when he’s just lounging around his mansion or when his gadget guy Q, my hero, is refitting all his tuxedos. Read more…