Dyson Pure Cool cools and purifies the air

PureCool_Gallery_Purifies_Year_RoundThe air we breathe indoors — where we spend the majority of our time in some cases can be more polluted than the air outside, advises Environment Canada. Some of those pollutants that can affect public health may include mould, smoke and carbon monoxide. In an attempt to help combat this issue, Dyson took some of their advanced technology they use in their vacuums and their fans plus some new added innovation and unveiled their first-ever purifier, Dyson Pure Cool.

Their latest innovation doubles both as a purifier and also a fan designed to both cool the air and remove 99.97% of harmful ultrafine particles as small as 0.3 microns from your home’s indoor air. Read Greg’s full review at CanoeTech Blog.

Dyson’s Bladeless fan heater suitable for a Starship Captain

Dyson Hot + Cool AM05EDMONTON, AB, April 25, 2013/ Troy Media/ – The Starship Enterprise probably has a fully integrated climate control system that’s out of this world, but if Captain Jean-Luc Picard needed a personal device for his ready room, it might likely be the The Dyson Hot + Cool bladeless heater fan.

This new model, dubbed the Dyson AM-05, is a futuristic looking home appliance that is both a fan and a heater, but it will leave you wondering where the fan blades are. The answer is simple: there aren’t any.  READ FULL ARTICLE at TROY MEDIA