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gregsteveJournalAfter hearing about how Steve Job’s had changed my life, I was contacted by the Edmonton Journal, who wanted to talk to Edmontonians who were in this same boat.  The article published on line and in print is called  How Apple’s Steve Jobs changed one mans’s life.


Steve Jobs leaves a legacy of changed lives

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October 5th, 2011 will truly go down as a sad day in history. It’s a day when the world lost an incredible human being, a creative mind and an inspiration to the world. We lost a person whose creations and actions have not only revolutionized an industry, but also impacted the lives of many people around the world along the way, including me.

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Gadget Greg Gazin on CityTV Edmonton 5/5/09 8:10AM

Today on Breakfast TV Ryan, Wendy & I  looked at some cool gadgets, may of which are suitable for Mother’s Day which is just around the corner.

First we looked at the Centrios Talking Pedometer ($24.95), we also looked at the Home Guardian Baby Monitor ($249.99) – on sale right now until May 13th – $100 off, featuring video and lullabys. Both of these are available exclusively at The Source by Circuit City.

We also talked about the new trend toward handy dandy pocket-sized, easy to use  dedicated pocket video cameras.

We saw the Creative Vado and VadoHD, The Pure Digital Flip and the Kodak Zx1.

We also had a peek at the Brother MFC-9990

Click on the link to take you to more detailed information.

To see the Gift Guide for Mother’s Day:  read Greg’s Column at Canoe Technology

Canoe Technology Review of Creative Vado & Pure Digital Flip:

Canoe Technology Review of Creative VadoHD

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The Virginia courts have spoken. Send spam- go to jail. In a judgment handed down last Wednesday, Jeremy Jaynes of Raleigh, North Carolina, was sentenced to nine years for allegedly sending hundreds of thousands of unsolicited commercial e-mail by fraudulent means, using false identities and fake company names. [Read more…]