CanoeTech Review: Mobile Home brings Siri to your car

Mobile Home

When you hear “mobile home”, the first thing that comes to mind is a house on wheels. But this mobile home is nothing like a house trailer; this one is a portable replacement for your iPhone’s home button.

Mobile Home is a creation of Plano, Texas based, Beanco Technology. It’s like they’ve detached your iPhone`s home button and put it in a little package that resembles a garage door remote. Just like the garage remote, simply mount Mobile Home on your dash or attach it to the visor in your car.  With a push of a button, you can bring Siri to life, leaving your iPhone’s features usable while it’s safely and legally in your pocket or purse. The concept is so simple you wonder why someone hadn’t come up with it sooner.


Review: SuperTooth Crystal in-car speakerphone

Supertooth PIC

Want to legally take calls in your vehicle, but don’t want to wear a Bluetooth earpiece while driving? Or perhaps while in the car, there’s a call for the family? In either case, you certainly need a gadget that can be placed within earshot that you can use hands-free. One solution is the new SuperTooth Crystal($69.99). It’s a wireless speakerphone that connects to your iPhone or Smartphone via Bluetooth 3.0.


Tough Alberta distracted driving in effect law Sep 1

AlbertaDistractedDrivingAfter being one of the last holdouts, the Province of Alberta’s Distracted Driving Legislation, Bill 16 goes into effect September 1st, 2011.  And like many other provincial jurisdictions have done, the law limits what you can do behind the wheel. But the new law goes way beyond that, making it one of the toughest laws Alberta’s drivers will be facing.


Hands Free Insanity hits Canada

Today Manitoba becomes the 8th province in Canada to pass legislation banning a driver’s use of hand-held cell-phones ( that includes texting devices), after PEI, Saskatchewan and British Columbia came on board earlier this year.(more…)