Acer unveils 120-inch 24:9 ultra-wide gaming projector

If you can’t get a big enough or wide enough screen to enjoy your games, you may be excited to know that Acer has just unveiled the Acer Predator Z850 Gaming Projector allowing you to experience a 120″ ultra-wide image with an ultra-short throw.

If you have a display area large enough, their latest laser projector offer gamers a 24:9 ultra-wide field of view at 1920 x 720 HD, giving you a 50% wider image than before. In fact the company says, “This feature augments a gamer’s peripheral vision to present a competitive edge over enemies in all types of games.” Of course, you’ll still need to be quick on the fingers. Read more…at CanoeTech Blog.

FlatWave Micro Ultra-compact HDTV Over-the-Air Antenna out today

FWMicro_blk_ray_sm copyWinegard, the makers of HD OTA (Over The Air) antennas have unveiled their most compact version in the current FlatWave lineup.  The FlatWave Micro is only 5.25” tall by 7” wide and weighs a mere 0.28 pounds. The cool thing is that it can easily be hidden in a window, set behind a picture or HDTV, or even laid flat on a table.

You can be up and running in less than five minutes by hooking it up to the television using the included 5-foot coaxial cable.

The company says that once the user places the antenna near the television, they simply need to run a channel scan to see what’s available, and start enjoying free, crystal clear programming.
It can pulls signals from broadcast towers up to 30 miles away.

It’s shipping now and available for $21.99 US from

via Winegard.