A single sales pitch does not a business make

golfWould you use one single club to play a game of golf?

EDMONTON, AB, Aug 3, 2013/ Troy Media/ – Do you use only one club to play golf? When leaving the house to head out to the course, do you wear the same coat whether it’s hot, cold, raining or sunny outside?

Probably not, so why is it that, despite no two people being alike, many businesses only seem to have one single sales pitch?

The reason is simple: all too often when business people ask the question “Who is my customer?” they answer with the standard response “Everyone.”

If everyone is your customer, sales pitches and marketing materials, while relevant for some, are too broad, too vague or irrelevant to others.

Of course, we all wish that the whole wide world could be our oyster, with customers looking for the same thing and offering us an endless supply of business. But that scenario is unlikely.

But let’s assume for a moment that it is, that the whole world is our oyster. It might then surprise you that having one single message, single pitch or one single advertisement is still not adequate.

The chances are that many of those elusive customers are in a different stage of the buying process. Think of that golf game again: the golf club you use depends on what stage of the game you are playing, that is, whether you are teeing off, on the fairway or on the green just yards from the pin. Similarly your marketing needs to be tailored to align with the stage the customer is at.

For example, targeting prospects or potential customers is much like stepping up to the first tee. Start off with the driver; you have a long way to go. To attract potential customers your key message must drive home your key points to cover the most distance. Focus on introducing your business. Communicate your location and what your service or product offerings are.

After you have driven awareness to your business, make sure to place yourself firmly on the fairway with new customers by grabbing an iron!  The emphasis moves from raising awareness to why they should do business with you and trust you with their hard-earned money.

With regular and loyal customers, and even your best advocates, you’re already on the green. Put away the wedge; the cup is within putting range. Come in under par by offering incentives and rewarding them for being your loyal customers. You could also inform them of new and exciting products that are coming down the pipe or perhaps ask for feedback or even solicit partnerships. That last one, if you think about it, would be of very little interest to someone who doesn’t even know that you exist.

To win the tournament, you need to use the right club at the right time on the course. Just like in business, you need to communicate the right message that’s focused and relevant, taking into account not only who your target market, customers or audience is, but also where they are in the process.

On one final note. Regardless as to what your message is or what club you’ve decided to use, always remember – practice what you pitch!

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