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100122293If you have an iPhone or iPad, no matter how much flash memory you have, you never have enough to store all those photos, videos and room to yet add more apps. Enter Leef iAccess a gadget equipped with a microSD slot that connects to your Lightning enabled iOS device giving you additional storage limited only to the size of the memory card you insert.

Leef iAccess is small and j-shaped. It plugs nicely into your Lightning port and wraps around the back so you can still handle your device without iAccess getting in the way. In fact, it should also work if you have your device in a case as long as you have access to the Lightning port.

Transfer, View & Store Files

Reviewing iAccess, it’s more than just another USB stick or SD Card Reader. Using MobileMemory, its free companion app, you’re also able to transfer files to and from it, view a variety of content stored on it and even capture photos and video directly to it without having to first save it to your iPhone or iPad. This is certainly a big plus for peeps like me, who run their iPhone at 98% capacity.

The MobileMemory is fairly rudimentary but it certainly does the job.


Transferring files is a simple process. For photos, you can transfer to and from Photos or use the File Manager, which allows for the creation and use of folders. It’s important to note that file transfers occur at USB 2.0 speeds so if you have very large files or large quantities of files to move it will take a little longer than using other faster storage devices with your computer running USB 3.0 or Thunderbolt.  But then again, there is not that many solutions for iOS like this.

Before making large file transfers or backups, it might be a good idea to make sure you have enough juice in your battery. It’s certainly not a good idea to get a power down in the middle of a file transfer

File Type Support

When it comes to viewing files on the devices, it does support a respectable number of formats, but you don’t totally have Carte Blanche like you might on your PC or Mac. iAccess supports 11 video formats, seven audio formats, even the less common Apple Core Audio.caf and a plethora of document formats including .vcf Excel .xls, .xlsx and KeyNote’s .key.


Capture Photos and Video Directly

I particularly like the ability to shoot pics and video directly to the microSD card totally bypassing the iPhone’s internal storage. Your camera is accessed directly from within the app; the interface somewhat reminiscent of a stripped down version of Apple’s Camera app. Basically, you can select photo or video. You do have access to the flash and pinch to zoom – but that’s about it.

It would be nice if it could access Apple’s app or allow access to the many 3rdparty apps out there.

Regardless, iAccess would have been very handy for me after running out of storage while at the Fleetwood Mac concert and even handier when I maxed out as Chris de Burgh was wandering through the audience serenading all those Ladies in Red and I was less than 5m away at last fall’s Edmonton concert.  I digress.

Automatic Backups and more

In the settings file you’ll find a number of features that give iAccess added functionality. There’s a backup button that allows you to manually backup your photos and contacts. You can configure the app to do it automatically when you connect. The app also keeps track of the last backup date and destination folder. You further have the ability to easily restore your contacts.

In the Settings, you can also monitor your storage usage and remaining space left on your microSD card and iOS internal storage. You can also monitor the app’s storage and even limit that storage to a preset value. Other features include the option to show hidden files, display a grid, and also see album covers when your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch are in landscape mode.

back iACCESS

Bottom Line 

Overall the Leef iAccess is a small nifty little gadget measuring a mere 40.5 x 21 x 16.6 mm and weighing only 6g.  There’s no need for cables and it pops right into your pocket. It’s particularly handy when you need to backup or extra storage in a moment’s notice and where there’s no Wi-Fi. For some, the added storage may allow them to keep their device a little longer.

It also has upgradeable firmware for future expansion.

iAccess is really designed for use with Lightning enabled iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch 5th gen) and for those who capture data on a microUSB card like a drone or GoPro camera. And this is where it makes sense and really shines.  For those who are more inclined to do file transfers from their computer, they are likely better off with its cousin, Leef iBridge that we briefly looked at previously. It offers a similar function and has a standard USB port on one end but is sold in fixed memory capacities and does not have the flexibility of the card slot like on the iAccess.

The iAccess by Leaf comes with a five-year limited warranty and retails for US$49.99. In Canada, you’ll find it for $69.99 and can get one from London Drugsor Best Buy. Currently it will support microSD cards (not included) in capacities ranging from 2.0-128GB.


Gives iPad, iPhone, iPod touch unlimited storage

Shoot Pics, video right to microSD card

Automatic Backups


No standard USB Port or pass through

USB 2.0 transfer rates

Limited Camera app functionality

Rating: 4.0 / 5

Select photos courtesy Leef.


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