SpiderLight Holster keeps your camera always ready


SpiderHolsterIf carting around your camera is a bit of a pain or too slow to get at when that perfect photo op pops up, then the SpiderLight Camera Holster might be something to check out. Reviewing it, it’s a two-piece plate and holster system that allows you to carry your camera at arms length and get quick access to it without the need for a strap.

SpiderLight Camera Holster is designed for smaller, lighter and mirrorless DSLR cameras. It’s configured in two pieces – a plate and a holster. The plate attaches to the bottom of your camera with a bail screw you simply insert into the camera’s tripod mount. The plate has a ball-headed steel pin that then slips into the holster guide which attaches snuggly to your belt using it’s built-in heavy duty belt clip.

Secure or Quick Draw Mode

The holster is designed with a two-lock position so it can be configured to meet your shooting needs. The first is the Secure position. This requires you to lift slightly the spring-loaded lever to take out the camera. When done, you can simply slide the camera back in and the mechanism locks back into place. The second, the Quick-Draw mode keeps the locking lever recessed, leaving the slider area free so your camera simply sits in the holster. When you need your camera in a flash, you can simply grab it with one hand, slide it out of the holster and you’re ready to shoot. Of course you’ll need to remember when it’s not in the secure position. If you jump or tumble when not in secure mode, you could potentially see your camera flying loose.

Strapless and Sturdy

If you need access to your camera in a pinch, the SpiderLight Holster is a nifty little well made easy to use accessory that does away with straps or even the need to cart around an extra camera bag. It has an all metal construction and secure locking mechanism so it won’t allow your camera to break away, unless of course your belt come loose or you are in quick-access mode. And because of it’s ball-head pin, your camera can safely move around freely as you move.

The plate is designed to work with almost any smaller mirrorless DSLR camera including 3rd party tripod plates like the Arca-Swiss. If your camera has rubber grips on the bottom, you can make a screw adjustment. And if your battery compartment gets in the way, the plate slider, which holds the bail screw, can be reoriented to get it out of the way.

Despite its huge utility, some casual camera users may find the price tag a little high for this accessory. But if you’re an avid photographer, have a fear of missing that perfect photo op or hate carrying around your camera on a strap, then this gadget is certainly right for you. It would also make for a great Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or graduation gift.

The SpiderLight Camera Holster by Shai Gear retails for US $95 and available directly from the company site. Holsters for pro cameras as well as point and shoot models and a number of optional accessories are also available.

Rating: 4.25 / 5

Photos courtesy Shai Gear LLC.

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