Canadian Netflix watchers top world in Binge Racing

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When House of Cards made its debut on Netflix, I watched Season 1 in its entirety in less than a week. I thought that was pretty fab, but I guess that’s nothing compared to today’s Bingers who are ripping through every single episode of a season in a day. In fact, the new trend amongst the over eight million “super fans” around the world, primarily to get bragging rights is called Binge Racing with Canada clocking in with the world’s top marks.

Canada Ranks High

So, what exactly is Bing Racing?  Simply put, it’s to speed through an entire season of a show or series within 24 hours of its release and be the first to finish. According to Netflix, Canadians take top honours with the highest percentage of 24 hour finishers in the world (11% of Canadian members have raced).

The top fivemost binged shows in Canada are:1. Trailer Park Boys 2. Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life 3. Fuller House 4. The Ranch and 5. Marvel’s, The Defenders.  I’m sure as Hallowe’en approaches, Stranger Things 2will probably be added to the list when it hits Netflix next Friday, October 27th.

Globally, the top five spots are: 1. Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, 2. Fuller House followed by 3. Marvel’s The Defenders, 4. The Seven Deadly Sinsand 5. The Ranch.

My latest top binges (not in 24 hours) include: Harlan Coben’s – The Five, Line of Duty (Season 4) and Marvel’s, The Defenders. So I got one on the top five.

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I guess I’m also not in the top five binging provinceseither, which just happens to almost run east to west.  They are1. Newfoundland, 2. New Brunswick, 3. Nova Scotia, 4. Ontario and 5. Manitoba.

It makes me wonder. Is binging becoming an epidemic?  In the past four years (2013-2016) it’s increased 20-fold. Is it because we’re tired of fake news or getting a better content and a lot more of it? Probably the latter.

If Canada leads the pack in Binge Racing now, just wait until winter comes and we hit sub-zero temperatures.

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