Cable Wrangler helps corral your cables in place

It ranks so high on the usefulness scale and is so simplistic, it’s a wonder it wasn’t invented sooner

Silk’s Cable Wrangler is a nifty gadget designed to magnetically keep cables in place on your desk or night table. It ranks so high on the usefulness scale and is so simplistic, it’s a wonder it wasn’t invented sooner.

It looks somewhat like a pincushion with a solid rubberized base covered with a funky fabric. Under the fabric is a magnet that attracts the connector of your cable so it doesn’t move around.

Think about the last time you plugged your computer or mobile device into the nearest socket. One end plugs into the wall, the other end into the device. When it’s fully charged, you unplug your device. Your cable may stay in place, but more likely it will fall to the ground or behind your desk.

With Cable Wrangler, the connector edge of your cable stays in place. So when you want to use it again, you simply grab it and plug in. If your cable isn’t magnetic enough, just slip one of the three cable collars around your cable.

Cable Wrangler is hefty enough and is rubberized on the base so it should grip nicely to most surfaces.

It comes in two colours: No.2 Pencil Grey and Lightly Toasted Beige to blend in nicely with just about any décor.

Cable Wrangler works with almost any cable. However, if you happen to be in the market for a new iOS cable, you can also add a fabric-matched six-foot cable with a reinforced braid. The company also offers a compact two-port wall charger so you can charge a second USB device from a single wall outlet.

Cable Wrangler Magnetic Cord Organizer from Silk is great for harnessing those pesky little cables. It retails in Canada for $26.99, $34.99 with six-foot Lightning Cable and $44.99 with cable and two-port fast wall charger.

Items can be purchased separately or as a bundle. You can find them at or directly from

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