Powerful Passport II Pro charges 6 devices – notebooks too

Universal compact design and works super-fast in 200 countries.

A one size fits all travel sized multi-port charger for the majority of the gadgets we have may seem impossible these days. But one company, Zendure seems to think their new Passport II Pro will do the trick and their followers think so too. In fact, their Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign that  launched today was fully funded in just two hours.

The Zendure Passport II Pro adapter is a follow up to the previous generation model. It can deliver up to 61 watts of power, allowing you to charge up to six devices at once including fast-charging your late model MacBook Pro 13 in just under two hours so you can leave that Apple charger at home.

It’s truly universal with plugs for the four world standards: North American, Australian, UK and EU integrated into a single built-in AC receptacle. This makes it compatible with devices for 200 different countries.

The plug tips or prongs are conveniently hidden until they are actually needed. You can easily expose them with one hand by simply pushing and sliding one of the three blue tipped sliders on the left. There are only three as the top slider is used both for North American and Australian outlets. Once the prongs are exposed you can easily rotate them for the appropriate country. When done, retract them by simply sliding them back into place.

On the bottom are four 12W 5V/2.4A USB ports. (3 x USB-A and 1 x USB-C) so you can easily charge any USB device like your smartphone as well as higher-powered devices like an iPad.  On the right side is a single 61W USB-C PD port. The PD stands for power delivery. This high-powered port will charge USB-C and Thunderbolt powered devices like the newer MacBook Air, MacBook Pro or the Dell XPS 13 models. The port can also do double duty and act as a high speed charger for lower powered devices that support protocols like PD, QC, PPS 3A, AFC and FCPthat allow for higher than standard charge speeds. So with a device like a Samsung Galaxy S20 or perhaps an iPhone 11 Pro, you can for example recharge your battery up to 50% in only about half an hour. Great if you’re on the road and need juicing up in a hurry.

This small but humble adapter is not just for tech gadgets. It’s powerful enough to be used on modern conveniences like hair dryers and kettles.  And in the event of a power overload, Passport II Pro has a 10A fuse that will automatically reset itself so you don’t have to worry about replacing a blown glass fuse – which you will probably forget where you kept it anyway. 

Bottom Line

Overall the Zendure Passport II Pro is an impressive little gadget.  Although it was primarily designed for travel, it can easily find a home and save space in any home or office. Compared to its predecessor the new model has more USB ports, provides double the power yet surprisingly is 20% smaller than the previous model.

Their engineers integrated semiconductors with Gallium Nitride also known a GaN – material typically used to make LEDs, rather than the more commonly used silicon into the design of the adapter.  This material is more efficient, generates less heat and in part requiring less space for airflow.


It’s rare that I bless a gadget with a full five-star rating, but so far, this one is certainly an ace. I’m not sure if it would be possible, but it would be nice if it had a power button, to disengage the power without having to unplug all the devices – but it’s not a deal-breaker. And also for North American users, if you plug in a heavy AC charger like an 85W MacBook Pro, please make sure your Passport II Pro is plugged snug in your AC wall jack otherwise it could potentially fall out due to the excessive weight.

One important item to point out; While Passport II Pro is designed for universal use, it’s not a converter. It needs to be used with devices rated from 110V-250V only.

Kickstarter Deal

The Zendure Passport II Pro adapter comes with a cloth pouch, a two year warranty and comes in two colours: Black and White. It will retail for $69 USD, but can be had at a good discount during Zendure’s Kickstarter campaign, with super early bird pricing starting at only $35 US, almost 50% off – a real bargain.

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