Cubii Jr. – Easy quiet workout anywhere anytime while you sit

Regardless of your age, abilities or lifestyle, you can benefit from a low-cardio seated elliptical workout

It’s always a smart health-conscious choice to inject a little more physical activity into our lives, regardless as to where we may be on our fitness journey, but we sometimes lack the time or energy or have limited ability to get out for that much needed workout. The good news is the solution, Cubii Jr., can be sitting literally right under your feet.

Cubii Jr. is a compact seated elliptical trainer you can use anytime and anywhere. Unlike massive elliptical trainers you might find in an exercise room or at a typical gym, Cubii Jr. is designed small enough to fit under most desks. It weighs only 25 pounds and measures a mere 23 x 17.5 x 10 inches. It’s also whisper-quiet. So not only can you unobtrusively grab a quick secret workout at your computer while you’re on the clock, you can also get your steps in sitting on your sofa binging Netflix or even gathered around your kitchen table chatting with your family. It’s perfect anytime especially during this unprecedented indoor lockdown.

The real beauty of Cubii Jr. is in its simplicity. A carrying handle is conveniently located on the top to help with portability. Place it comfortably in front of your chair or under your desk. Select one of the eight resistance levels with the select wheel, place your feet on the pedals and start pedalling. It’s that simple. It has a built-in LCD monitor, so at a quick glance you’re able track your workouts in real time to see how far you’ve pedalled, how many calories you’ve burned and more. When you’re done you can leave it in place or easily move it to a corner or closet for easy access. Even better, share it with family members and let them get a little workout.

The advantage of a seated elliptical is regardless of your age, abilities or lifestyle you can benefit from a low-cardio workout. Exercise parts of your body like your abs and core, glute muscles, quads and calves without the joint-jarring and possible pain inflicting impact of other exercises like aerobics. It’s also great for rehab, building up mobility and leg strength. This, I’m sure is a welcomed change especially for those of us who are already feeling the aches and pains as our bodies age.

Bottom Line

Overall, Cubii Jr. is a great little gadget for those who are active or not so active, whether you’re targeting specific muscles or simply want to burn calories, lose weight, and boost energy. It can easily become part of your daily routine, where you can get in a little workout at your own place at your own pace without worrying about being able to get to a gym – all while you sit. If you do your workout from a wheeled office chair or wheelchair, Cubii Jr. ships with a pair of wheel stoppers to keep you safe and in place as you peddle.

For those who prefer to be “connected,” you may want to opt for Cubii Pro. In lieu of an LCD monitor, the pro version adds Bluetooth connectivity and smart features. This allows you to wirelessly connect to the Android or Apple iOS Cubii App to monitor your progress and automatically track your progress, set fitness goals as well as sync with your Fitbit.

Free Facebook Live Workout Classes

If you need a little more motivation, prefer help or working out with friends, Cubii offers free Facebook Live workout classes which you can participate in real-time or watch replays from the workout video archive at your own convenience.

The Cubii Jr. retails for $249 U.S. or about $350 in Canada. It’s available directly from as well as The Cubii Pro, currently available in some locations sells for roughly $100 U.S. more.

With COVID-19 presenting an unprecedented challenge for senior care communities, the company has found a way to give back to the community and helping them stay active. As part of its CubiiCares program, it has donated more than 2,500 of its seated compact elliptical products to over 100 communities in need across the U.S. and Canada.

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