Need to Overcome Awkwardness?

Sometime being quiet, shy, socially awkward

and perhaps an introvert can keep us from succeeding in our personal and professional life. I know in my earlier years, I struggled with a little of that.

Recently I had a unique opportunity to speak with Monica Parkin from Courtney, British Columbia, Canada. She epitomized those characteristics, yet was able to turn that around to become a successful serial entrepreneur, author and master relationship builder.

In this episode she gives us an honest insight and tells us about her recent book,  Overcoming Awkward: The Introvert’s Guide to Networking, Marketing, and Sales which she calls part memoir, part instruction guide.

Introvert, extrovert, omnivore, ambivert – it doesn’t matter, you’ll benefit from Monica’s wisdom.

You’ll laugh and smile hearing her most personal stories (many from the book). You’ll also hear how hard it’s been and things she had to overcome, but also how herhard work and persistence paid off.

You’ll also hear what she has learned from going through the process and how these can be applied in many areas of your personal, professional, business life and even through social media.

You’ll certainly get a kick out of “Mortgage Monica” as she revealed her authentic self and how being the “crazy goat lady” who lives on a small farm with an assortment of furry creatures actually contributes to her business success and more.

Some of the other topic areas she touches upon include: Difficult conversations, asking questions, setting boundaries, mentorship, Toastmasters and her podcast Juggling Without Balls.

Check out the podcast below. You can also find other episodes at ToastCaster: Communication Leadership Learning Lab.

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