Is your microwave a Netflix killer?

MicrowaveThere’s nothing more frustrating than when the family is watching the last episode of House Of Cards Season 3 after binge-watching all day when your son decides to make microwave popcorn. And all of a sudden, the video gets choppy, Netflix starts buffering and rebuffering. It’s not a catastrophe as it eventually resets and comes back but still it can certainly kill the moment and the watching experience. It makes you wonder what does the microwave have to do with your TV?

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Mac OS Lion little known Wi-Fi diagnostic tool

WIFIDiagsWelcomeEver wonder how good your Wi-Fi signal really is? You can look at the signal strength indicator on the top right-hand side of your Mac’s display on the top section of your iPad iPhone or iPod touch, but to those bars really tell the whole story? Well I’m sure you’re not surprised, there’s an application for that–at least for the Mac.